Chill Companion: Vodka Adam & Espresso Martini

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01 Feb 2018
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For this week’s Chill Companion segment, Suman Nepal concocted two refreshing drinks that are popular amongst his customers: Vodka Adam and Espresso Martini

Initially trained at Red Mud, where he worked for one-and-a-half years, Suman Nepal has been tending the bar at Patio 747, Boudha, for the past two years. He became a bartender because he was fascinated by all the possibilities afforded by the art of mixology. Nepal says that while the method of preparation and ingredients are integral in concocting a fine drink, bartenders also need to be approachable and mindful of the customers’ interest. Aside from being Patio 747’s head bartender, Nepal also mentors newbie bartenders.

Nepal’s take on bartending

Although there is no substitute for putting in hours of practice, says Nepal, beginner bartenders should also seek to learn from an expert instructor. He has been training Bijaya Rumba, a friend and colleague, for the last six months.  

Nepal’s mixology philosophy

For Nepal, making a good drink boils down to three things: hygiene, quality of products and presentation. First, a bartender must use clean utensils and work in a clean environment. Likewise, the ingredients that go into making a drink must be of a certain standard. And they must work to exacting standards too. According to Nepal, even the quality of the ice must be up to mark to ensure that the drink doesn’t get too diluted, and mar the drink’s taste. Finally, a bartender must master the art of presentation: everything from choosing the right type of glass to the type of garnish used in a drink is of utmost importance.

Nepal’s Mixology Chops

For this week’s Chill Companion segment, Nepal concocted two refreshing drinks that are popular amongst his customers: Vodka Adam and Espresso Martini. The Vodka Adam is an invention of the restaurant; the cocktail was developed after a customer requested vodka to be added to the mocktail version of this drink. To make the Vodka Adam, vodka, litchi juice, pineapple juice and guava juice are mixed in a cocktail shaker and transferred to a slender mocktail glass. A sip of this concoction will take you back to your best summer days. The Espresso Martini, on the other hand, is slightly more robust, with a punch of caffeine. For this cocktail, Baileys, espresso and sugar syrup are mixed with vodka in a cocktail shaker and poured into a chilled martini glass. To top it off, the drink is garnished with a couple of coffee beans.  


Vodka Adam

60 ml Ruslan Vodka
100 ml litchi juice
60 ml pineapple juice
60 ml guava juice

Espresso Martini

30 ml Baileys Cream Whiskey
30 ml Ruslan Vodka
30 ml espresso
10 ml sugar syrup