Govinda Narsingh KC talks about what it takes to make it big in the culinary world
2 days ago 10 min read
From the Archive (Sept, 2016): The first Nepali to earn the title of Executive Chef in the country, KC not only excelled at his job but also became a luminary....
The anda-chiura fry at Gabahal’s Bhaujuko Bhatti hits just the right notes
3 days ago 6 min read
From the Archive (Sept, 2016): The selling point of Bhaujuko Bhatti’s anda-chiura is the chiura’s amazing texture, which is just the right combo of crunchy and fluffy
Ruslan Cover Factory: Mandip Upreti
5 days ago 1 min read
Mandip Upreti, a young artist from Swayambhu, performs a cover of Sabin Rai’s ‘Namuna’
A conscious Zen
5 days ago 1 min read
For his latest endeavour, famed designer Tenzin Tseten Bhutia debuts his all-organic, environmentally friendly hemp-made menswear collection, which is modelled by Rachhendra Khand Thakuri amidst the lush, tropical settings of....
The Staggering Sandwich at French Bakery
5 days ago 5 min read
The sandwich’s crunchy, but tender, chicken and creamy coleslaw and a hearty dose of grated cheese hit the right spot
The art of cranking out quality reels
7 days ago 7 min read
Bidur Pandey, a self-taught director, has churned out more than 1,500 music videos
What makes the Revotron XZ one of the most apt family vehicles
7 days ago 7 min read
Tata Tiago Revotron XZ is an affordable and stylishly designed family car that’s robust enough for everyday use--perfectly designed for Kathmandu’s crowded streets as well as long stretches of highways....
Le Camp Militaire
9 days ago 1 min read
From the Archive (Dec, 2016): Model Barsha Thakali plays our very own girl on a mission to take on the cold in our military-inspired editorial featuring a series of luxe,....
The mastermind of Nepali football’s success
9 days ago 10 min read
From the Archive (Dec, 2016): In Nepal, it can be exceedingly difficult to make a living through football. And yet, unfazed by the challenges, Raju Shakya has devoted his life....
You don’t have to wait all year for Yomari Punhi to eat yomaris
10 days ago 8 min read
From the Archive (Dec, 2016): At The Village Café, you can indulge in yomaris every day, that too in six varieties: chaku, khuwa, chocolate, lentil, mushroom and their special—a mix....
Artha add some embellishments to ‘Banana Pancake'
10 days ago 5 min read
From the Archive (Dec, 2016): For Ruslan Cover Factory, rock band Artha cover Jack Johnson’s ‘Banana Pancake’, an easybreezy lullaby with indie-folk sensibilities
The glam quotient
08 Jul 2017 1 min read
Model and rising actress Sharon Shrestha plays the quintessential ‘bombshell’, as she shines and sparkles her way through a heady, hefty mix of the high-octane, heavy duty in-your-face extravagant evening....
Yangzen’s rendition of Grenade
08 Jul 2017 1 min read
Karma Yangzen, a young songstress from Boudha, performs a cover of Grenade, by the popular American singer Bruno Mars
Why we should expect The Pizza Cutter to reinvent the pizza game this year
08 Jul 2017 4 min read
The Pizza Cutter’s single-serve takeaway pizzas, which sell at Rs 100 a slice, are a tad different in terms of toppings, and hence, a lot more delicious
A dedicated crusader of strays
07 Jul 2017 5 min read
Sneha Shrestha, founder of Sneha’s Care Foundation, an animal welfare charity, takes care of around 110 stray dogs in Kathmandu
VMAG reviews the 2017 Toyota Fortuner
07 Jul 2017 5 min read
The new Fortuner is set to make a bigger splash than its predecessor, with huge improvements on all fronts from looks to performance
Great Syrian grub at surprisingly inexpensive rates
04 Jul 2017 8 min read
From the Archive (Nov, 2016): It's easy to exhaust your palate in Kathmandu. Luckily for us, Taza, with its original Levant dishes, offers a way out
Emerge cover Ed Sheeran’s ‘Thinking Out Loud’
04 Jul 2017 5 min read
From the Archive (Nov, 2016): On Ruslan Cover Factory, Emerge, a newly formed band of three youngsters based in Kathmandu, perform a cover of ‘Thinking Out Loud’
Kamala Shrestha possesses a quality most of us can’t even fathom possessing—that of peace
04 Jul 2017 10 min read
From the Archive (Nov, 2016): Despite losing both her hands and a leg at the age of 12, Shrestha has managed to live her life with such autonomy that her....
Game on!
01 Jul 2017 1 min read
Model Priyani Webster takes the season’s freshest athletics-inspired looks, triumphantly championing sporting sensibilities with ultra-cool jolts of bright, bold colours, intricate mesh and body-hugging silhouettes
Watch Anuprastha perform a cover of 'Chari Bharara'
01 Jul 2017 2 min read
For this week’s Ruslan Cover Factory, Anuprastha cover a Manoj Shrestha classic
Go bananas over momos at Suvam Banana Cafe
01 Jul 2017 4 min read
A small, unassuming joint in Putalisadak serves delicious banana momos
Kailash K Shrestha's big dreams for Dolakha
30 Jun 2017 7 min read
Kailash K Shrestha, founder of Artudio—a centre for visual arts—is a multifaceted artist who employs a variety of visual languages to create narratives that are both personal and relatable....
Get your guitar fix at the Guitar Shop
30 Jun 2017 4 min read
Owing to the quality products owner Pawan Sharma brings in, the Guitar Shop is today one of the largest distributors and retailers of branded guitars and amplifiers in Nepal