Nirakar Yakthumba has lived his love for music and shared that love with the world
yesterday 5 min read
From the Archive(Feb, 2016): Music is Nirakar Yakthumba’s passion. He’s been pursuing music for more than two decades now as a bass player for 1974 AD, and continues to share....
The New Romantics
4 days ago 1 min read
Model Neha Banu captures the ethereal essence of the much-loved Romantic Movement as she plays the modern heroine in a melange of fully bloomed colours, prints, layers and textures alongside....
Ruslan Cover Factory: Good People
4 days ago 3 min read
Good People, a three-member local band, perform a semi-acoustic version of ‘Closer’ by The Chainsmokers
We check out Ice-O-101’s fried ice creams
4 days ago 3 min read
Come rain or shine, ice cream makes for the perfect midday treat for anyone, particularly if someone makes it exclusively for you right in front of your eyes
Tackling life, a day at a time
5 days ago 7 min read
Sumana Shrestha, an MBA graduate from the MIT Sloan School of Management, dropped everything in the US to return to Nepal after the 2015 earthquakes, and is known for her....
Here’s what you can expect from Nepal Telecom’s 4G network service
5 days ago 4 min read
More and more subscribers are switching to the newly introduced Nepal Telecom 4G network because it’s faster, more consistent and allows you to do a lot more with mobile internet....
Mala Thapa Magar’s journey to empowerment
7 days ago 7 min read
From the Archive (Feb, 2016): Magar, who started her own business at the age of 21, is today the proud owner of Himalayan Allo Udhyog, a factory where she trains....
12 Aug 2017 1 min read
Generation-Z icons Aashirman DS Joshi and Anna Sharma cause quite the frisson in a range of synchronised looks with this fashion editorial right before their much-anticipated release Gangster Blues
Ruslan Cover Factory: Rojan Pariyar
12 Aug 2017 2 min read
Aspiring singer Rojan Pariyar performs a cover of Laija Chari, one of the most loved songs by Yogeshwar Amatya
Hunger Hunt turns one
12 Aug 2017 5 min read
To celebrate the first anniversary of our food show, we feature the top 10 eateries we visited last year
A bonafide child prodigy, Sirish Gurung is a force to be reckoned with
11 Aug 2017 5 min read
For this week’s Inspire interview, we talked to 18-year-old Gurung, a Kathmandu-based swimmer who has, from a very young age, become the country’s hope in a sport that does not....
Here comes the OnePlus 5
11 Aug 2017 4 min read
Probably one of the best phones OnePlus has ever created, the OnePlus 5 comes packed with premium internal specs that rival some of this year’s best-selling flagship phones
Lok Chitrakar--Nepal's premier Paubha artist
09 Aug 2017 10 min read
From the Archive (May, 2016): Lok Chitrakar’s unyielding devotion to paubha and his 40 years of work with the form have garnered him a place in the upper echelons of....
En Noir
05 Aug 2017 1 min read
Designer Ropuma Manandhar explores the harmonic melding of night and day, light and dark, the yin and the yang, striking a perfect balance between the perennial hues of black and....
Sunil Dai’s Lassi
05 Aug 2017 3 min read
The line of customers in Sunil Dai’s Mitho Lassi shop seldom dwindles, and for good reason
Ruslan Cover Factory: Kapil Thapa
05 Aug 2017 1 min read
Kapil Thapa performs a cover of ‘Sangi’ by Shiva Pariyar
It’s not about being a hero—it’s all about making a difference
04 Aug 2017 5 min read
Dr Rajendra Koju, who looks after the management and academics at Dhulikhel Hospital, is no less than a white-coat messiah to the many people who frequent the hospital—probably the first....
Nepal SBI Bank’s InTouch branch is a one-stop solution for all banking woes
04 Aug 2017 4 min read
With a locally-built humanoid, a cheque-deposit and acquiring machine, a Cash Recycler Machine (CRM) too, among other machines, the InTouch office is by far the most modern bank branch in....
Rajesh KC’s trenchant wit
01 Aug 2017 10 min read
From the Archive (Mar, 2016): Rajesh KC, who has churned out thousands of single-panel cartoons, is most popular for his ability to bring to the fore the woes that plague....
Rinku Wagle sings a cover of Adele’s ‘Someone Like You’
29 Jul 2017 2 min read
Rinku Wagle, a budding Nepali artist, performs a cover of Adele’s hit song
Stick Food Platter at S Chinese Kitchen
29 Jul 2017 5 min read
The platter comprising chicken sausages, deep-fried potatoes, mushrooms and chicken leg will have you drooling
Gilded in gold
29 Jul 2017 1 min read
Embodying the idea of refined beauty, actor and model, Paramita Rajya Laxmi Rana soars high as she gilds herself in gold in a range of ethically-inspired jewellery and embellishments by....
One man’s unwavering self-belief
28 Jul 2017 7 min read
Sameer Mani Dixit, the cofounder of Center for Molecular Dynamics Nepal (CMDN), is not only passionate about using biotechnology in healthcare, but also about creating a vibrant research environment for....
Off-road lovers couldn’t have asked for a better ride than the Mahindra Thar
28 Jul 2017 5 min read
Owing to its endurance, functionality and ruggedness, the Mahindra Thar, with its traditional aesthetics and modern technology, is a beast