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Startups want investment. Investors are looking to invest. So what’s the problem?
07 Nov 2017 7 min read
From the Archive (Nov, 2016): There have been huge injections into medium and large scale businesses in Nepal, but the investments in startups have not been all that much
What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger
17 Oct 2017 4 min read
From the Archive (Jun, 2016): In any business, competition is good. Accept the challenges and grow
Ashok Sherchan’s view of Nepal’s banking system vis-à-vis their ventures
10 Oct 2017 8 min read
From the Archive (Jul, 2016): Are the banks helping entrepreneurs materialise their dreams? Or are the banks refraining from coming on board with them? Ashok Sherchan gives us a detailed....
Learning from Sula’s founder
20 Sep 2017 8 min read
From the Archive (Apr, 2016): Rajeev Samant, CEO and Founder of Sula Vineyards, tells us how he turned his company into the market leader of India’s wine sector in less....
The social business phenomenon in Nepal
12 Sep 2017 8 min read
From the Archive (Apr, 2016): The trend of companies’ labelling their venture a ‘social business’ is picking up in Nepal. But ultimately, it’s only the entrepreneurs and owners who can....
How Nepali programming-freelancers juggle their jobs and lives
08 Sep 2017 7 min read
Nepali coders make tidy sums taking up freelance programming work online, but freelancing is not an easy life
What makes for a good startup idea?
22 Aug 2017 6 min read
From the Archive (Feb, 2016): Ideas can be dime a dozen. Some are gems in the rough. Some are duds. Make sure you know which one is yours
For entrepreneurs, now is the best time to take the plunge
15 Aug 2017 7 min read
From the Archive (Feb, 2016): From a good support system, with an increasing numbers of investors, to markets across the border, the startup environment is fertile enough to nurture Nepal’s....
Providing a platform for the Nepali startup community
09 Aug 2017 5 min read
From the Archive (May, 2016): STARTUPSNepal, a social platform with an in-depth directory about startups, attempts to bring together entrepreneurs, investors and other stakeholders in one ecosystem
What’s more important for your company’s success—the idea or the execution?
02 Aug 2017 5 min read
From the Archive (Mar, 2016): The ability to come up with innovative ideas is great. But if you have no experience in executing those ideas, what is the use of....
Getting investors on board
02 Aug 2017 5 min read
From the Archive (Mar, 2016): Investors and investment facilitators explain the basics that need to be taken care of for startup funding
What differentiates a startup from other businesses?
25 Jul 2017 7 min read
From the Archive (Aug, 2016): VMAG sheds some light on the the confusion surrounding the term ‘startup’
Fusion fundamentals
11 Jul 2017 14 min read
From the Archive (Dec, 2016): Nepal’s fusion musicians have been producing stellar work for quite some time now. But what will it take for them to produce cutting-edge material?
Data matters, even more so for startups
27 Jun 2017 7 min read
From the Archive (Oct, 2016): Most entrepreneurs know about the power of metrics but you need to start internalising what metrics can do for you if you want to use....
The dropout dilemma
09 May 2017 7 min read
From the Archive (Feb, 2016): Should you stay in school and learn as much as you can, or should you forgo education and test the market right now?
Growth hacking: pitching
03 May 2017 9 min read
From the Archive (Sept, 2016): Thinking of scaling up and getting funds from investors? Here’s how you need to make your pitch to them
Minstrels at the crossroads
06 Jan 2017 15 min read
The Gandharva musicians need a more responsive market than the current one if they are to survive as artists
Entrepreneurship is not for everyone
26 Aug 2016 7 min read
If you are thinking of becoming an entrepreneur, know the game before you play it
Can’t keep a good woman down
19 Aug 2016 6 min read
Nepali women entrepreneurs have a much harder path to the top than do their male counterparts
Finding the funds
29 Jul 2016 8 min read
How you can raise seed money to materialise your idea
Growing pains
27 May 2016 8 min read
When you’re a startup, you are bound to make mistakes. Be on the lookout for some of the more common ones that local startups tend to make
Dawn in the midst of dusk
29 Apr 2016 10 min read
Some get business ideas by looking at the market. Some get it from the problems they are facing. Santoshi Rana got hers from a fear she had