Kushum Dhungana

Stories by Kushum Dhungana

Witnessing the wonders of love
06 Mar 2018 2 min read
Palpa’s Rani Mahal can become a bigger attraction than it is now—if the palace can be restored
The Trishul Dada hike
05 Feb 2018 3 min read
The area around Changu Narayan Temple offers as much to see as the famous temple does
By the banks of the Sali Nadi
15 Jan 2018 3 min read
Head over to Sankhu Valley to experience the locales that gave birth to the legends who populate the Swasthani
Santaneshwor’s many blessings
25 Dec 2017 2 min read
Santaneshwor temple, a place of religious significance, has slowly become a popular hiking spot
Lakeside wonders
11 Dec 2017 4 min read
Get more out of your trip to Nagarkot by making a pit stop at the Bojini Dam
Hike to Fulari Gumba
27 Nov 2017 3 min read
Find some inner peace in the courtyard and sanctums of this lovely monastery just beyond the valley rim
Try the Chisapani trail for a guaranteed pick-me-up experience
06 Nov 2017 4 min read
The hike to Chisapani takes you through dense subtropical forests and lively Tamang settlements, and rewards you with spectacular views of the Langtang mountain range
Bajra Barahi beckons the curious
16 Oct 2017 3 min read
Bajra Barahi, the mystical temple steeped in mythologies, has many charms to offer
Head out to the Pilot Baba Ashram for an enchanting hike
09 Oct 2017 4 min read
Six km south of Bhaktapur Durbar Square, Pilot Baba Ashram is a perfect one-day hike away from dusty Kathmandu
At Aashapuri, all your wishes will come true
28 Aug 2017 4 min read
You don’t need to go far from Kathmandu to visit a temple whose deity will make your wishes come true
Heal your soul at Nagdaha
31 Jul 2017 3 min read
Spend a day at Nagdaha uncovering its myths and enjoying its tranquil environment
Lord Narayan’s place of repose
24 Jul 2017 4 min read
There’s much to do around Bisankhu Narayan Temple, in the southeast corner of Kathmandu Valley
A day at Bajrayogini
26 Jun 2017 4 min read
Plan a perfect family trip to Sankhu
The nitty-gritties of paddy ropain
17 Jun 2017 8 min read
Kushum Dhungana explains what happens during ropain
A gem hidden away
05 Jun 2017 6 min read
Just a little northeast of Nagarkot lies the charming village of Naldum
Changu Narayan's many attractions
22 May 2017 6 min read
For history buffs or those who want to go on an easy picnic trip, Changu Narayan makes for the perfect day trip