Darshana Singh

Stories by Darshana Singh

Beyond the buzzwords
2 days ago 2 min read
In the business world, there are some business and management principles that have become buzzwords that startups swear by. That’s because they have helped countless startups find a firm foothold....
Banking on creativity
9 days ago 3 min read
We feature two promising companies that were featured in the last StartupsValley segment of Next Venture Corp's Growth Conclave
Leveraging the web
06 Feb 2018 4 min read
We feature three promising companies that were featured in the StartupsValley segment of Next Venture Corp’s Growth Conclave
Ruchin Singh’s Edushala’s winding road to success
18 Dec 2017 5 min read
We list some of the key turning points that led Singh and Edushala to where they are today
Sarathi: charioteers at your service
04 Dec 2017 4 min read
Sarathi is a game-changer that has entered the market to meet the need for a dependable and reasonable transportation service for the daily Kathmandu commuter
Sroth Code’s early offerings show the company’s ability in creating engaging games
07 Oct 2017 5 min read
The decision to include Nepali particulars play such a central role in defining the contours of many of Sroth Code’s games is the defining vision that the developers believe will....