Biraj Singh Chhetri

Stories by Biraj Singh Chhetri

DJI Spark--the smallest drone from DJI
01 Dec 2017 4 min read
We review the DJI spark that has just landed at the Oliz store
Capture your memories in retro Polaroids
24 Nov 2017 5 min read
Polaroids are back at it with some cool cameras that will help you revive your childhood fantasies
The SYM GTS300i is for those who value comfy rides over everything else
17 Nov 2017 4 min read
With the right travel route and preparation, the SYM GTS300i could be the ultimate tourer for a cross-country ride
What you need to know about the eighth iteration of Galaxy Note series
10 Nov 2017 3 min read
VMAG gives you the best five new features of Galaxy Note 8
The latest iteration of the GoPro Hero Action Camera
03 Nov 2017 4 min read
The new GoPro Hero6 comes packed with a few features that might appeal to loyal GoPro fans, and also to many newbies starting out as vloggers here in Nepal
Reviewing the Scomadi Scrambler
27 Oct 2017 3 min read
VMAG takes Scomadi Scrambler for a spin and breaks down its features
VMAG takes a quick peek at Tata’s newest mega showroom
06 Oct 2017 4 min read
We review some of Tata’s best wheels at Tata’s latest showroom
The power-packed, smart NIU N1S
22 Sep 2017 4 min read
With good handling, commendable mileage, state-of-the-art features, and a sleek, clean look, the N1S isn’t simply just a scooter; it’s a smart ride
The rugged but comfy Amarok
15 Sep 2017 5 min read
Amarok is a premium pickup from Volkswagen that is guaranteed to provide you an uncompromising driving experience
The Yamaha FZ25 is a powerful, muscular street fighter that will not break your bank
01 Sep 2017 5 min read
Among the many new launches, the one bike that is making the most noise is the Yamaha FZ25--a powerful, mid-class, street fighter that will rule the streets
The all-new Aprilia SR150 Race is much more than just a scooter with fancy looks
25 Aug 2017 5 min read
The SR150 Race is the very first crossover two-wheeler to land in Nepal. Sharp, fine lines run through it and the racy graphics add to the sportiness of its design....
Nepal SBI Bank’s InTouch branch is a one-stop solution for all banking woes
04 Aug 2017 4 min read
With a locally-built humanoid, a cheque-deposit and acquiring machine, a Cash Recycler Machine (CRM) too, among other machines, the InTouch office is by far the most modern bank branch in....
Off-road lovers couldn’t have asked for a better ride than the Mahindra Thar
28 Jul 2017 5 min read
Owing to its endurance, functionality and ruggedness, the Mahindra Thar, with its traditional aesthetics and modern technology, is a beast
What makes the Revotron XZ one of the most apt family vehicles
14 Jul 2017 7 min read
Tata Tiago Revotron XZ is an affordable and stylishly designed family car that’s robust enough for everyday use--perfectly designed for Kathmandu’s crowded streets as well as long stretches of highways....
VMAG reviews the 2017 Toyota Fortuner
07 Jul 2017 5 min read
The new Fortuner is set to make a bigger splash than its predecessor, with huge improvements on all fronts from looks to performance
Get your guitar fix at the Guitar Shop
30 Jun 2017 4 min read
Owing to the quality products owner Pawan Sharma brings in, the Guitar Shop is today one of the largest distributors and retailers of branded guitars and amplifiers in Nepal