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The Scents Of Summer
19 Mar 2018 10 min read
Our resident fashion expert recommends one of these colognes to get you cool for the summer as he breaks down the season’s best notes that will keep you spritzing and....
Electric Youth
17 Mar 2018 1 min read
Charged with a bolt of fresh, vernal energy, Biraj Singh Chhetri turns over a new leaf in millennial dressing as he showcases the electrifying vitality of the season's most youthful....
What to wear now?
11 Mar 2018 1 min read
No matter the time of the year, we are always faced with the same dressing dilemma. Just what should we wear now? Are you as clueless as ever?
The Spring Statement
10 Mar 2018 1 min read
Clad in the standout looks of the season,beauty queen Roshni Khatri embraces an all-new everything attitude for the rite of spring, dressing herself in a multitude of vivid tones, motifs,....
Active athleticism
08 Mar 2018 1 min read
Our resident style expert teaches to rebuild a new body of athletic wear that comes with that perfect dash of style, and at the same time, offers much-needed functionality, performance....
03 Mar 2018 1 min read
Swayed by the season of birth, beauty and blossoms, a tale of romantic escapism is illustrated in the harmonic unity of makeup legend Shradha Maskey and the ever original Ropuma....
Fashion and film
25 Feb 2018 2 min read
It’s time to sit back, relax and immerse yourself in a world where fashion and cinematic art converge
24 Feb 2018 1 min read
Seamlessly weaving a wide array of cultural influences into exquisite, ethereal couture-like creations of wearable art, design legend Pratik Agrawal of the fabled house of Natraj paints a romantic picture....
Scents of desire
19 Feb 2018 1 min read
A man sees, but a woman uses her olfactory senses. So invest in a fragrance that won’t just woo her, but drive her wild this feisty February
17 Feb 2018 1 min read
The form and function of motocross dressing get a fresh, new spin this 2018, as mesh, laser, jersey and sweats shift gears in bold blasts of neon, pink, red, green,....
Your definitive guide to becoming the most stylish wedding guest ever
13 Feb 2018 1 min read
This wedding season, seize the opportunity to go bolder with your colours or the patterns on your ensemble
10 Feb 2018 1 min read
BRIDAL TALESWith master courtier Uma Nemkul Amatya employing indigenous crafts and traditional weaves to create haute bridal pieces of sheer wonder for your big day, as modelled here by the....
The street standard
07 Feb 2018 3 min read
Our resident fashionista guides you through the streets with street wears for 2018
Native Novelty
03 Feb 2018 1 min read
NATIVE NOVELTYFresh off his Spring/Summer debut for 2018, design maestro Bijay Gautam wholeheartedly embraces a ‘native’ mood as he embarks on an original journey somewhere between the fine lines of....
The olfactory pursuit: Finding your signature fragrance
29 Jan 2018 2 min read
We teach you how to master the fine art of smell, as we get to the bottom of all the fragrance lingo and brand info to put you on the....
A Classic Constellation
27 Jan 2018 1 min read
The ever-adored Swastima Khadka dons a high dosage of glittering diamond- and gem-studded adorments in her role as a muse for RB Diamonds, the fabled house of haute jewellery, in....
The new nautical
22 Jan 2018 2 min read
This fall, take the nausea out of the nautical and brave the chilliest of weathers and storms with a bright new approach to sea-faring fashion. Happy sailing, fellas!
The military march
20 Jan 2018 1 min read
THE MILITARY MARCHChic. Strong. Ultra-wearable. Versatility is the keyword here as the one and only Subeksha Khadka adapts herself to fashion's favourite uniform for fall and triumphantly wins all....
Revel in past glory
14 Jan 2018 3 min read
Fellas, give in to your inner nostalgia and walk down memory lane this fall. For a sense of sheer longing of the past cloaks the menswear dominion and has us....
13 Jan 2018 1 min read
Classic. Perennial. Forever neutral. The ever-iconic Aastha Pokharel, in an assorted mix of heritageseparates, redefines the very foundations of a timeless wardrobe as she takes on the serene offerings ofthe....
Coat afresh: longer, leaner and overall radder
08 Jan 2018 3 min read
Our fashion expert talks about how wearing the right size is the difference between acing the look versus getting swallowed alive
Of folklore and legends
06 Jan 2018 1 min read
Photographer Sanjog Rai transports girl of the moment Sabita Karki into the whimsical, otherwordly, mystical setting of Godvari's lush natural green abyss and conjures a world of devine elegance by....
The formal smash up: so long to the black tie!
02 Jan 2018 2 min read
Our fashion expert talks about spicing up your formal wear by breaking the rules
Glitter belle
30 Dec 2017 1 min read
Garbed in the season's glitziest offerings, the ever iconic Priyanka Karki plays the nocturnal, night-time heroine as she turns up the octane and power dresses like it's all an endless....
Essentially chic
24 Dec 2017 3 min read
Our fashion expert talks about the classic fragrances for this icy time of the year
The sartorial switch
23 Dec 2017 1 min read
Mixing classic, vintage sources with a cool, contemporary twist, debutant of the moment Saruk Tamrakar explores the juxtaposition of traditional heritage and modern style as he sets the sartorial code....
The colour call
17 Dec 2017 3 min read
Our fashion expert talks about how winter are all about high-octane, high-definition colours, bold textures and the finest of details
Nocturnal nuance
16 Dec 2017 1 min read
Makeup maestro Shradha Maskey transforms models Shiskhya Sangroula and Sudipa Pathak into kaleidoscopic visions of art as they light up in a spectrum of richly saturated, eclectic shades of....
Cashin’ in on the trench: Your best new alternative to the leather jacket this fall
10 Dec 2017 3 min read
While the trench coat used to be just a mere tool, a workmanlike way to stay dry, starting now, it’s officially a style option that also happens to resist rain....
Regal trails
09 Dec 2017 1 min read
Model Soni Shrestha wholeheartedly embraces the exquisite spirit of thefabled house of Oodni as it seeks to respect customary heritage but alsocourageously break conventional moulds with its latest offering in....
The strongest contenders
03 Dec 2017 3 min read
When betting on getting yourself a brand new suit for this brand new season, place your faith in the season’s worthiest sartorial challengers and make sure you go with the....
Dark temptations
02 Dec 2017 1 min read
Black’s officially back, but not the way you know it. With fresh and powerful pairings, inventive textural mixes and a tough, ‘don’t-mess-with-me’ attitude, model Sandipa Limbu makes for an unusual....
The fall/winter shoes upgrade
26 Nov 2017 3 min read
Fall calls for an obligatory wardrobe overhaul with a delectable blend of the must-have winter essentials to create a comfortable yet stylish winter ensemble
Coat coverture
25 Nov 2017 1 min read
Design maverick Ropuma Manandhar seeks to transform your look from the everyday to the extraordinaire this freezy fall with her carefully curated line of covetable super coats as modelled by....
Revival of the beloved checkers
19 Nov 2017 3 min read
This season, suits, topcoats and gingham dress-shirts are all covered in squares, giving us plenty of ways to trick them out and wear them all in the now
Textural tendencies
18 Nov 2017 1 min read
From the finest of felts to the unexpected pairings of denim, knits, leather and tweed, this Fall/Winter collection pays homage to haute-heritage fabrics with a fresh, modern twist, as beauty....
The scent business
12 Nov 2017 4 min read
Our fashion guru picks the right fragrance for you to match your day-to-day activity
Close encounters
11 Nov 2017 1 min read
Delivering a series of up-close and intimate potraits, photographer Sanjog Rai has famed actor Anoop Bikram Shahi playing his fitting muse for a day, with Shahi channelling a multitude of....
Step into the game with the most iconic sneakers
06 Nov 2017 3 min read
From basketball and tennis courts to sidewalks and skate parks, sneakers are everywhere, and have become popular culture icons in their own rights over the last century
The autumnal spin
04 Nov 2017 1 min read
Girl on the rise Sabita Karki (who’s making her official entry into India’s Next Model Season 3) provides some serious autumnal inspiration in a slew of classic yet contemporary separates,....
An unconventional take on the beloved military trend
29 Oct 2017 3 min read
Pop some colours, texture, twisted style, sleek silhouettes with rugged accessories and some formal detailing in your military-inspired outfits this season
Floral fantasies
28 Oct 2017 1 min read
Swayed by a swarm of romantic emotions, makeup maven Sukriti Yakthumba marks her exodus from the season of blossoms into fall on a strong nostalgic note, painting a pretty and....
Upgrade your winter wardrobe
15 Oct 2017 3 min read
This season, sweaters and knits count as staples for any given functional and well-curated men’s wardrobe
The urbaine flair
14 Oct 2017 1 min read
In the season’s coolest streetwear-inspired offerings, man of the moment Ayushman Joshi defines the vigorous mood and energy of his hype-worthy generation, marrying disparate genres of urban- and street-wear with....
The future is simple, lighter, flexible, bold, rough and relaxed
08 Oct 2017 3 min read
The end goal of all menswear is comfort. And, comfort, in essence, is another permutation of style
The iconoclast
07 Oct 2017 1 min read
Supermodel Aastha Pokharel soars in this week’s fashion editorial as she lends her signature edge and nonchalant attitude to an array of revolutionary, modern designs and silhouettes by the in....
Going headstrong
24 Sep 2017 3 min read
Forget your power animal. It’s your power fragrance that’ll get you through the upcoming season
The midas touch
23 Sep 2017 1 min read
Set against the spiritual backdrop of historic Swayambhunath, beloved actress Jyotsna Yogi takes on the ‘glamazon’ avatar as she gilds herself in an all-exclusive collection of regal baroque-inspired dresses and....
Suiting: Rebooted
17 Sep 2017 3 min read
We turn the classic modern art of suiting on its head with our all-encompassing guide that features idiosyncratic, off-centre and quirky combinations
Modern ethnic
16 Sep 2017 1 min read
At the peak of her prime, silver screen starlet Samragyee RL Shah owns and embraces an array of one-of-a-kind, artisanal ethnic creations by the house of Oodni and handcrafted adornments....
Mood shuffle
10 Sep 2017 3 min read
Inspired by the shapes of the modern era, menswear embraces a multitude of moods and emotions as we gradually move and progress towards the other half of the fashion calendar....
Double impact
09 Sep 2017 1 min read
Right off their much hyped and awaited release Dui Rupaiya, stars Nischal Basnet and Asif Shah take on a different kind of role as they shed their acting personae and....
As years go by
02 Sep 2017 1 min read
Makeup marvel Sukriti Yakthumba traces and represents the iconic and influential makeup looks and trends that defined each era and decade, all the way from the 1920s to the millennium,....
The denim diversion
27 Aug 2017 3 min read
Taking cues from the past, yet staying up-to-date and relevant, the denim movement hits the refresh button. It’s no longer just for millennials--it goes beyond the realms of being a....
Effortlessly now
26 Aug 2017 1 min read
Actress Shristi Shrestha scores some major cool credential points as she rips, twists and mixes her way through the season’s coolest deconstructed offerings that combine a hefty mix of high-and-low....
Dressing right while travelling
20 Aug 2017 3 min read
Travelling for business or leisure comes with its own fair share of dressing and packing drama. Preparation is key, and we’re happy to help you do just that
The new romantics
19 Aug 2017 1 min read
Model Neha Banu captures the ethereal essence of the much-loved Romantic Movement as she plays the modern heroine in a melange of fully bloomed colours, prints, layers and textures alongside....
Spritz spirit
13 Aug 2017 3 min read
Good news, fellas! Good news. Smelling good at any age is now easier than ever if you spritz yourself with something that matches your level of maturity
12 Aug 2017 1 min read
Generation-Z icons Aashirman DS Joshi and Anna Sharma cause quite the frisson in a range of synchronised looks with this fashion editorial right before their much-anticipated release Gangster Blues
06 Aug 2017 3 min read
Afraid that your plaid suit might make you look like an old, prolapsed bagpipe? Relax, fellas! We have just what you need
En noir
05 Aug 2017 1 min read
Designer Ropuma Manandhar explores the harmonic melding of night and day, light and dark, the yin and the yang, striking a perfect balance between the perennial hues of black and....
Taking your workwear to the next level
30 Jul 2017 4 min read
Take command of your everyday wardrobe with these military-inspired style tips
Gilded in gold
29 Jul 2017 1 min read
Embodying the idea of refined beauty, actor and model, Paramita Rajya Laxmi Rana soars high as she gilds herself in gold in a range of ethically-inspired jewellery and embellishments by....
Out to sea
23 Jul 2017 4 min read
Fellas, it’s a seafaring journey all across the seven oceans of the world as we literally take you on a nautical voyage all the way from the Atlantic to the....
Glamour grandiose
22 Jul 2017 1 min read
Courageous yet coy. Daring yet demure. Everyone's beloved beauty queen, Subeksha Khadka takes on an entirely new avatar, playing the picture perfect muse to the whole 'Pretty-Tough' aesthetic, all poised....
Corporate power dressing
16 Jul 2017 4 min read
Learn all the secrets to gaining control and influencing people by using right styling
A conscious zen
15 Jul 2017 1 min read
For his latest endeavour, famed designer Tenzin Tseten Bhutia debuts his all-organic, environmentally friendly hemp-made menswear collection, which is modelled by Rachhendra Khand Thakuri amidst the lush, tropical settings of....
Le camp militaire
12 Jul 2017 1 min read
From the Archive (Dec, 2016): Model Barsha Thakali plays our very own girl on a mission to take on the cold in our military-inspired editorial featuring a series of luxe,....
The glam quotient
08 Jul 2017 1 min read
Model and rising actress Sharon Shrestha plays the quintessential ‘bombshell’, as she shines and sparkles her way through a heady, hefty mix of the high-octane, heavy duty in-your-face extravagant evening....
Cologne Conundrums 101
02 Jul 2017 5 min read
Cologne conundrums 101: Why doesn’t it smell as good as it’s supposed to?
Game on!
01 Jul 2017 1 min read
Model Priyani Webster takes the season’s freshest athletics-inspired looks, triumphantly championing sporting sensibilities with ultra-cool jolts of bright, bold colours, intricate mesh and body-hugging silhouettes
High and dry: The raining champs
25 Jun 2017 3 min read
In the ever unpredictable season of rain you need not just one, but a couple of great jackets that can handle any weather at any given time
El tropica
24 Jun 2017 1 min read
Model Tascha Karma channels a carefree, vacation spirit in a graphic assortment of breezy Havana-island-inspired looks and outfits, prepping us all up for a blissful getaway in the simplest of....
Make music your inspiration
18 Jun 2017 3 min read
Hit all the right notes with these pieces so that you and your outfits are totally in sync
In transition
17 Jun 2017 1 min read
Upcoming model Arick Bikram Thapa embraces the season of change with a smart and stylish mix of summer staples juxtaposed against a standard lineup of timeless layering essentials. Photographed by....
Street sensibilities
11 Jun 2017 1 min read
Get ready to brave the style swap that sweeps the street and alleys in and around you
Beauty refreshed
10 Jun 2017 1 min read
New and upcoming model Samriddhi Aryal, with her renewed beauty and youthful radiance, makes an appearance in our make-up editorial in a range of summer-ready, fuss-free, beauty looks with subtle....
Chic on a budget
04 Jun 2017 5 min read
Style often comes with good taste, a keen eye and some precise and careful considerations
Of gestures and silhouettes
03 Jun 2017 1 min read
In an attempt to bring harmony among the contrasting spirits of the fearless against the feminine designer Ropuma Manandhar unleashes her bravest and most daring self to create artisanal, avant-garde....
The garden variety
28 May 2017 5 min read
Go forth and experiment with subtle and softer colours, silhouettes, textiles and fit
The new easy
27 May 2017 1 min read
Sleek yet subtle; fluid yet fierce; power dressing gets a brand new narrative as beauty queens Roshni Khatri and Barsha Lekhi, epitomes of the new chic, dress in an array....
Khaki calling
21 May 2017 5 min read
One of your best go-tos when it comes to outdoor, adventure dressing is the traditional khaki look
A graphic awakening
20 May 2017 1 min read
Upcoming model Aruni Waiba is featured in this fashion editorial that features a visual mix and mash up of the season's favourite fresh, floaty, tropical florals set against a kaleidoscopic....
Your ultimate guide to buying colognes
15 May 2017 7 min read
In this article, we outline the best of aromatic sources and pick our favourite fragrance for each
Lip elevation
14 May 2017 1 min read
Make-up artist Shradha Maskey presents model Lumanti Shakya in a manner that, quite literally, evokes a sense of grand allure and sensuality with bright, vivid, extravagant and enhanced lips taking....
Shorter, louder, funkier: The pool order
07 May 2017 4 min read
Whether you're going out for a swim or simply lounging in the sun, the perfect swimwear is an absolute must
Raw and rugged
06 May 2017 2 min read
Actor and model Sushil Shrestha takes full command of the rugged, utilitarian style with our military-inspire edit, embracing an array of army green hues, standout leather pieces and a rich....
The denim revolution
30 Apr 2017 5 min read
It’s time for a jeanetic overhaul for the calm and collected man
Divine decandence
29 Apr 2017 1 min read
Fresh off their Fall/Winter debut of 2017, design connoisseurs Manish Rai and Subexya Bhadel wholeheartedly embrace a 'more is more' attitude with their exquisite selection of 'high octane, high drama'....
The grand summer shake up: press play
23 Apr 2017 4 min read
With summer making its presence felt, it’s officially that time you hit the shuffle with your summer wardrobe
A floral state of mind
22 Apr 2017 1 min read
Makeup maven Shradha Maskey crafts a tapestry of colourful woolen threads to create elaborate blooms of floriated sprouts on model Ayushma Rani Singh as her fitting canvas.  Photographed by Sanjog Rai |....
Calling the shorts
16 Apr 2017 3 min read
Your all-inclusive guide to the hows and whens of all things shorts
Creatures of comfort
07 Apr 2017 4 min read
Style Fact 101: It often goes without saying that any and every man out there wants to be comfortable in what he’s wearing. But that doesn’t necessarily serve as a....
A clean call
30 Mar 2017 7 min read
How to wear white in the age of generation Z
Spring refresh
28 Mar 2017 10 min read
Spring officially marks the time for new and novel beginnings and perhaps that much-needed wardrobe refresh and shuffle
Shirtly summers: the right to bare arms
23 Mar 2017 7 min read
After half a century or more in hiding, the short-sleeved shirt aesthetic finally seems to be getting back its much-deserved style momentum
A colour kaleidoscope
10 Mar 2017 5 min read
Make-up maven Shradha Maskey presents a creation of a thousand rainbow-esque hues, colours and tones as drawn and decorated on model Dixya Gurung, all in the festive and triumphant spirit....
Jump to it: athletic invasion 2.0
02 Mar 2017 10 min read
Fellas on the block, rejoice! Why? Because it’s once again that time of the year when you finally bid goodbye to the frigid winter and openly welcome and embrace....
Surreal escape
01 Mar 2017 5 min read
Rheanna Limbu drifts away into an illusionary, dream-like realm enwrapped in artisanal creations by Ropuma Manandhar that strike the perfect balance between fantasy and reality and evoke the harmonious spirit....
Noir obsession
24 Feb 2017 5 min read
Designer Ropuma Manandhar and makeup artist Shradha Maskey draw on the romantic notions of the Victorian Era with a heady mix of velour, fur, leather and sheer silhouettes further adorned....
The new neutrals
24 Feb 2017 5 min read
Model Srijana Regmi creates images of resolute elegance in a palette of skilfully administered neutral colours that range from beige to sand and khaki to olive amidst the serene mustard....
Footwear fundamentals: lessons in leather
24 Feb 2017 5 min read
It’s here where we brush up your shoe knowledge and help you differentiate one from the other to pick what fits you best
It’s all in the accompaniments
17 Feb 2017 4 min read
Because for once, the clothes take backstage and the sole focus is all on the accompanying adornments
Uppin’ the ante & the intensity
10 Feb 2017 10 min read
Locking down a fragrance you like is never a bad idea
La revolution des vetements
08 Feb 2017 1 min read
A hefty mix of the 90s and its streetwear aesthetic, cult core volumes and normcore dressing exaggerated and blown up, informs this editorial featuring cherished model Sabita Karki
Playing it undercover: denim dunked down
03 Feb 2017 10 min read
Style Alert 101! A new trend hits town, and it has all ya fellas wearing your beloved all-time favourite indigo, jean crazy denim jacket even after the temp begins to....
Inherently ethnic
01 Feb 2017 5 min read
Raju Lama embarks on an original journey somewhere between the fine lines of tradition and modernity as he becomes a blank canvas ethnically adorned by designer cum artist Ropuma Manandhar....
An ethereal odyssey
27 Jan 2017 1 min read
The dynamic duo of upcoming design legend Ropuma Manandhar and model and actor Shilpa Thapa Maskey combine their talents to create this angelic editorial featuring couture-like silhouettes and designs in....
Dwelling on the details
27 Jan 2017 10 min read
The difference between looking smart and dressing like a well-travelled, highly sophisticated gentleman?
The new Americana
20 Jan 2017 1 min read
Inspired by the history and heritage of the classic Americana style, upcoming model Samana Budhathoki narrates an embellished tale of individuality and personalisation in the age of the millennia
Clad in coats
14 Jan 2017 1 min read
Cherished model cum upcoming actor Sunny Singh steps up his outerwear game in this luxe editorial featuring a sartorial mix of the season’s key topcoats layered over sharp, standout wardrobe....
Coat of armour: the much-awaited return of everyone’s favourite topcoat
13 Jan 2017 10 min read
Fellas, it wasn’t that long ago that topcoats, as a beloved fall/winter trend, had completely bottomed out
Lavant-gardiste artisanal
06 Jan 2017 1 min read
Inspired by the innovative spirit of the eccentric and thought-provoking avantgardists, makeup maestro Shradha Maskey paints a highly unconventional and emblematic expression of beauty in an haute makeup editorial
A sequined sensation
30 Dec 2016 3 min read
Upcoming model Anisha Shahi surrenders herself to bling fever as she effortlessly embodies the shimmering spirit of glistening sequins in a kaleidoscope of illuminated high-octane silhouettes.
Ferocious in fur
23 Dec 2016 1 min read
Cherished model Neha Banu plays a darkly seductive vixen in a spread that embraces a maximalist mix of the season’s best faux fur pieces against the earthly, organic settings of....
Viva voom velvet
16 Dec 2016 1 min read
It’s all about the ‘plush’ effect this season as model Sudipa Pathak takes a lush journey down the silky and shimmering route of the ever-opulent velvet to make a style....
A Knitted Loop
02 Dec 2016 1 min read
Model Aayat Khanoom wraps herself up in a cosy selection of chunky, oversized knitwear from the likes of Zara and H&M. Photographed by SANJOG RAI. Styled & Words by AKASH....
Sublimely Street
27 Nov 2016 1 min read
Model Lumanti Shakya takes us for a contemporary, modern-day style spin as she delivers fashion from the stands to the streets by donning a hefty mix of the high and....
L'impression graphique
18 Nov 2016 1 min read
Upcoming model Priyanka Rani Joshi appears in a dreamy editorial of bold, vivid graphic blooms balanced with the softest of neutral, nude hues in the lush, gardenia settings of Phulchowki....
The downtown debutant
11 Nov 2016 1 min read
With fall making its mark on the streets and alleys of our urban areas, choosing the key pieces of the season becomes even important for the modern day, dapper urban....
The race of times
28 Oct 2016 6 min read
There’s a wrist statement that can always be made no matter what your budget
Effortlessly now
28 Oct 2016 1 min read
It’s all about ushering in the cool spirit of easy, effortless dressing this fall as model sandipa limbu plays the classic game of mix and match with a curated selection....
The autumn sweeps
21 Oct 2016 1 min read
Model Muna Gauchan serves up a delectable dose of chic, casual glamour as she dons an assorted autumnal mix of form-fitting separates paired best with the lushest of outerwear in....
The urban upheaval
14 Oct 2016 1 min read
Actor Karma embodies the narrative of the urban soldier as he champions the casual yet confident ethos of individuality set against a hard, raw-edged industrial backdrop
Retro Futurism
28 Sep 2016 1 min read
Model Dilasha Bartaula ushers in a new era of cool, glam dressing. She brings back forms and shapes of the past into the second millennia by sporting an assorted array....
La Route Orient: Taking the Spice Express
23 Sep 2016 5 min read
Fellas, it is often said that you should never underestimate the power of your fragrance, for it’s what introduces you, and it’s what she’ll remember you by....
Tribal tendencies
23 Sep 2016 1 min read
Model Alka Rai triumphantly joins the all-inclusive, global haute hippie movement as she enwraps herself in a rich mix of Navajo motifs, micro paisleys and oriental imprints with her signature....
A Pleated Parade
11 Sep 2016 1 min read
As architectural pleats sway in a sharper style this season, a ripple movement gains the perfect momentum with actress Reema Bishwokarma looking her prettiest in an array of panelled pleats....
Le Mode Maximalist
02 Sep 2016 1 min read
Model Niti Shah embodies the gleaming spirit of the mega maximalists in the shimmer and shine of gleaming sequins, luxe lamé, metallic fringes and heavy-duty embellishments reserved for only the....
The Safari Invasion
02 Sep 2016 1 min read
Model Soni Shrestha personifies the resilient spirit of safari chic as she roars through the season in the sharpest of utility inspired pieces in the plushest of hues, blending seamlessly....
An adorned elegance
26 Aug 2016 1 min read
Debutant actress Paramita Rajya Laxmi Rana gilds herself in one-of-a-kind, bespoke, couture-like bridal and ethnic creations by swornim’s studio and be jewelled assortments by mp Nepal.
Fearless Femininity
19 Aug 2016 1 min read
The contrasting duality of the fierce and the feminine finds the perfect harmony in model Krisha Shahi, as she dons an array of tough, luxe leather separates with pretty, ladylike....
The neutral instinct
12 Aug 2016 1 min read
Model neha shrestha channels the elegant spirit of utilitarian chic in the season’s easy-to-wear but hard-to-resist silhouettes in an assorted array of caramel, olive, sandstone and black.
The Nautical Express
05 Aug 2016 1 min read
Model Sabita Karki embodies the breezy spirit of blue in a range of marine-inspired stripes, streamlined silhouettes and everybody’s favourite seafaring hues in the lushest of tropical settings
Street Snobiety
29 Jul 2016 1 min read
Actor Najir Husen sets his sights on redefining the laws of the street in modern-proportioned, mega-layered and muted-hued streetwear
Elevated athleticism
22 Jul 2016 1 min read
Teched up tailoring and technical sportswear take centre stage in a cohesive world of fashion and fitness as the man of the moment, anil gurung, embodies the spirit of sportscore,....
The Bomber Effect
15 Jul 2016 1 min read
Sporty yet snazzy, uniform yet unique, the familiar gets a fresh, new spin as the bomber jacket revolution sets itself ablaze in swift strokes and shimmering sheen. Model Neha Banu....
A Dangerous Liaison
08 Jul 2016 1 min read
Taking his cues from the dandy attitude of noir characters, actor Gaurav Pahari displays the flair and sophistication of a true gentleman with a mean streak
Classic Modernity
01 Jul 2016 1 min read
Inspired by the rise of the new millennials, Sano Sansar’s beloved actor Karma finds his sartorial footing between formal and casual elegance
Pastel Persuasion
24 Jun 2016 1 min read
Paired with copious coloured tones and bejewelled accents, the iconic Ishani Shrestha embraces a sense of subtle sensuality as she dons a range of the season’s favourite pastel hues in....
Floral Hymns
17 Jun 2016 1 min read
Nothing which we are to perceive in this world equals the power of your intense fragility:whose texture compels me with the colour of its countries
Rebellion Rising
10 Jun 2016 1 min read
Upcoming actor Ayushman Desraj Shrestha Joshi plays our very own ‘rebel with a cause’, donning an array of goth-inspired outfits and accessories
A Spirited Optimism
03 Jun 2016 1 min read
Actress Swastima Khadka is featured donning the season’s most bohemian flou slip dresses, floral printed lace, embroidered satin bombers and breezy, romantic separates
Of Style & Substance
20 May 2016 1 min read
From guerrilla camo to hipster checks and bespoke tailoring to full, blazon distressed, beloved actor Anoop Bikram Shahi plays the new debonair with the season’s ‘it’ looks and trends, showing....
Get your motor running
13 May 2016 1 min read
Tough, macho actor suraj singh thakuri, in an array of utilitarian separates, embraces the rugged biker motif whole heartedly.
Priyanka Personified
06 May 2016 1 min read
In a league of her own, Nepal’s ‘IT’ screen siren, Priyanka Karki ushers in a new era of raw beauty and elegance, all poised and unapologetic, in the ever eternal....
She Walks In Beauty, Like The Night
29 Apr 2016 1 min read
Evening gowns are all about elegance: One shade the more, one ray the less Had half impair’d the nameless grace
A study in contrast
22 Apr 2016 1 min read
If you know how to pair extreme contrasts such as black and white, you can pull off a look that has been worn well through the ages.
Bohemian Rhapsody
08 Apr 2016 1 min read
Bohemian fashion made a comeback a few years ago, and since then the versatility provided by the style’s flowy silhouettes, ethereal prints and variety of textures has helped it maintain....
Rugged Doesn't Have To Be Ragged
01 Apr 2016 1 min read
spring’s here. time to get rid of the layers and do a lot with little.
Le Sport Urban
25 Mar 2016 1 min read
The form and function of sportswear take a luxe spin this 2016 as mesh, laser, jersey and sweats shift gears in blasts of neon, pink, yellow and blue, in an....
The Scarlet Siren
18 Mar 2016 1 min read
Swift, sensuous and roguishly luxe, the opulent shade of scarlet red personifies itself through model Phoebe Rimal in a series of frills, sheer, lace and laser cuts, head to toe,....
The Denim Revolution
11 Mar 2016 1 min read
Out with the old and in with the new.Fashion’s favourite off-duty fabric makes its biggest comeback, and it has only one mission in mind: to reinvent itself and paint the....
Fleur De Force
04 Mar 2016 1 min read
Tangled vines, vivid blooms, dainty buds and a field full of floriated sprouts call for a garden state of mind as model Nagma Shrestha personifies a floral explosion in the....
Le nouveau minimal
19 Feb 2016 1 min read
Simple, streamlined and understated, the precision of form, length, volume, tones and textures inspires a new silhouette where less is undeniably more.
A Blissful Accord
12 Feb 2016 1 min read
Swayed by the season of love, models Surya and Sushil immerse themselves in a range of romantic prints, elaborate layers, subtle hues and a whole lot of tender loving warmth.....