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Nature does it best
3 days ago 4 min read
Nepal’s herbal soaps have created for themselves a steadily growing niche of consumers both here and abroad
The rise of high-rise apartments in Kathmandu
24 Nov 2017 7 min read
Despite Kathmandu’s high-rise sector suffering two major shocks--the 2015 earthquake and the 2016 credit crunch--the sector is actually doing pretty well owing to the unrelenting demand for apartments
Latido have carved a market niche by crafting personalised leather wear
18 Nov 2017 5 min read
In a market dominated by readymade apparels, Latido Leathers is a company that focuses on bespoke leather products designed according to the varying needs of customers
One of the best business school of the nation: Ace Institute of Management
29 Oct 2017 3 min read
Ashish Tiwari, Principal/Director at Ace Institute of Management, talks about how Ace has evolved over the years and how it is striving to further improve the quality of education they....
Emerging from the liquidity crisis
13 Oct 2017 6 min read
The banking sector of Nepal has finally emerged from the last liquidity crisis, owing to the implementation of new measures, but for the good of all, the sector must learn....
Always moving forward
23 Jul 2017 5 min read
Mahesh Kumar M talks about Toyota’s presence in Nepal and its performance in the Nepali market
Changing the kitchen game
16 Jul 2017 5 min read
A well-designed kitchen is what almost every Kathmandu resident wants while building their dream home, and Kitchen Concepts Pvt Ltd is a company that aims to help them realise that....