Mass Effect 3 is a must-play for RPG lovers
3 hrs ago 10 min read
From the Archive (Feb, 2016): The Mass Effect 3 tells a gripping story, with relatable, well-written characters and a decision-making mechanic that will lead you to vastly different outcomes over....
Hotel Shambala makes for an in-city getaway from the city commotion
4 hrs ago 6 min read
From the Archive (Feb, 2016): Shambala is not as expansive as some of the city’s luxury hotels, but what it lacks in space, it makes up for with its welcoming....
Simple ways to help ease your pain after a workout
4 hrs ago 2 min read
From the Archive (Feb, 2016): Our fitness expert shares some expert- and science- backed ways to relieve sore muscles
Jailbreak your iPhone from Apple’s restrictions
4 hrs ago 8 min read
From the Archive (Feb, 2016): iPhones are brilliant pieces of hardware but are locked by Apple to a certain extent. Jailbreaking will give you access to those features that are....
What makes for a good startup idea?
yesterday 6 min read
From the Archive (Feb, 2016): Ideas can be dime a dozen. Some are gems in the rough. Some are duds. Make sure you know which one is yours
Popcorn Movies still fighting the good fight
yesterday 7 min read
From the Archive (Feb, 2016): In this age of online streaming, torrents and cheap DVDs, Popcorn Movies continues to move forward with their collection of great movies and documentaries
Kishor Kayastha has many cameras in his collection but only one that he feels at one with—his Hasselblad
2 days ago 4 min read
From the Archive (Feb, 2016): Kayastha’s Hasselblad, besides having sentimental value, is also his most trusted camera. And because it’s a manual camera, modded slightly to suit his needs, he....
The tourism industry, which hit a nadir in 2015, must bounce back
2 days ago 8 min read
From the Archive (Feb, 2016): It is imperative that Nepal’s tourism industry not only get back on its feet this year, but continue making significant contributions to the economy as....
Dressing right while travelling
3 days ago 3 min read
Travelling for business or leisure comes with its own fair share of dressing and packing drama. Preparation is key, and we’re happy to help you do just that
Keep yourself safe against common monsoon ills with these simple tips
3 days ago 5 min read
Our fitness expert shares how small, conscious efforts on our part can help keep our immune system robust
How do I set up my iPhone without a credit card?
3 days ago 4 min read
Our resident geek tells us how we can create an Apple ID without adding any credit-card details
Beyond book-learning
4 days ago 12 min read
Representatives from leading private colleges in Nepal explain how their institutions create graduates ready for the market
Undergrad options for students in Nepal
5 days ago 9 min read
VMAG takes a broad survey of the undergrad courses that students can pursue right here, at home, that can provide them a more than decent education
Neupane’s refreshing Dteni
5 days ago 3 min read
For this week’s Ruslan Chill Companion, Raj Neupane created a rejuvenating drink called Green Apple Vodka Dteni
Break away from your monotonous workout session
7 days ago 2 min read
From the Archive (Feb, 2016): Try incorporating these ways into your weight-training regimen to help you reduce that stored fat and become much stronger
Head over to OR2K to savour a slice of the Middle East
7 days ago 6 min read
From the Archive (Feb, 2016): The menu at Thamel’s OR2K, a Nepali-Israeli partnership enterprise, is unique, and of course, palatable and fulfilling
iOS 9 vs Android M
7 days ago 5 min read
From the Archive (Feb, 2016): We pit the latest iOS 9 against the Android M
VMAG reviews I'm Travelling Alone by Samuel Bjork
8 days ago 3 min read
From the Archive (Feb, 2016): Samuel Bjork mines Mia’s fatal flaw to power his best selling novel I'm Travelling Alone
Soak in the spirituality and beauty of Namo Buddha
8 days ago 3 min read
From the Archive (Feb, 2016): While the older monks quietly go about their day, the younger ones recite Buddhist scriptures aloud. It’s only these chants that break the silence of....
For entrepreneurs, now is the best time to take the plunge
8 days ago 7 min read
From the Archive (Feb, 2016): From a good support system, with an increasing numbers of investors, to markets across the border, the startup environment is fertile enough to nurture Nepal’s....
Foley artists: The invisible audio experts who make films come alive
8 days ago 7 min read
From the Archive (Feb, 2016): A Foley artist’s job is to recreate sounds: footsteps, the clink of cutlery, the jangle of keys, the details that add to the verisimilitude of....
The pivots that helped Chamena find its game
9 days ago 5 min read
In just about half a year of operation, Chamena, a lunch delivery service for offices, has lived through plenty of ups and downs. This week’s startup story is an attempt....
Did you complete the M&S Vegan Challenge?
9 days ago 3 min read
Our fitness expert gives a detailed breakdown of the five-day vegan challenge she undertook and completed
Chandragiri offers so much more than just its cable-car ride
9 days ago 4 min read
The Chandragiri Hills, which began operation last year, after seven years of construction, has slowly become one of the best one-day getaways in Kathmandu