30 Aug 2019
1 min read
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How long has it been since you haven't had a good laugh? We know, it's been a long time since Mic Drop Season 1. Hence, we are here with Season 2 to tickle your funny bones. We'll be having 4 episodes in Season 2 of which 3 are up already. If you want some good mood and sharp stomach aches, do not forget to check the videos out right away

In this episode, Koshish Acharya, a new stand-up face in k-town, comes with some stomach-aching jokes and anecdotes. He leaves nothing to make a joke on, even his height. The crowd went crazy when he elaborated how doing Koshish could help one and not Prayash. Also, the jokes about his SEX life are funny enough to drop few audiences on the floor.