28 Jun 2019
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Hunger Hunt
Mangalbazar - the heart of Patan and common hub for both Nepalis and foreigners. It’s best known for its historic Durbar Square and iconic Krishna Mandir, but it is also famous for its collection of inconspicuous eateries that serve some of the most unpretentious delicacies in all of Patan. Together, they have carved up an epic food trail, that is dotted with a mix of traditional Newari and non-Newari flavours. And, we are here to guide you through that food trail, if you haven’t already discovered it yourselves.

What and Where:

1. Basic Newari Khaja Set - Honacha (Behind Bhimsen Temple on the Northern edge of Mangalbazar, Patan)

2. Mixed Bara - Honacha (Behind Krishna Temple at Mangalbazar, Patan)

3. Basic Newari + Fokso, Sekuwa, Takha and Yomari (3G Honacha inside a narrow  lane at Swotha)

4. Local Sandwiches (Crispy Chicken and Chicken Salami) + Buff Soup Momo - Galli Sandwich Hub right next to 3G Honacha)