19 Jun 2019
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Hunger Hunt
This is New Road - one of the oldest and busiest markets in Kathmandu. At the end of this street, there is Basantapur - a medieval palace courtyard of the royals, which is now a hotspot for both tourist and Nepalis, because of its historic temples and statues.When you reach a particular temple of Maru Ganesh, after navigating your way through the never-ending hustle of the crowd, you have to turn right, because this is the lane that is super-famous for its inexpensive, quick and delicious street foods. And the best among them has to be this small, nameless sekuwa joint, run by this 27 year old guy and his wife.

It's crowded and congested; there is no specific seating arrangement, and it only opens late in the afternoon at 4. Yet, this place is the best sekuwa joint in all of Basantapur. And the never-ending stream of hungry carnivores makes it quite evident that if you are here at Basantapur, you have to come and try the sekuwas here.

Sekuwa is a common Nepali grilled meat dish, that is pre-marinated in Nepali spices and served with bhujiya or puffed rice, bits of onions, a lemon wedge and a green chilli chutney, all of which makes it incredibly delicious.