Mic Drop Stand up Comedy Event at The Address Lounge

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27 Feb 2019
3 min read
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Ruslan Mic Drop presented by VMAG kicked off six weeks ago and before we realised we already did six shows at six different venues with over 700 audience. We made them laugh, we made you laugh and we entire Kathmandu City laugh and now we are going big. And by big we mean Pokhara-Big.!!

For the seventh installment of Ruslan Mic Drop, catch us this weekend at Rolling Stones-Rock Bar, Pokhara on 1st March from 6pm onwards. This is the first time we are going out of the Capital and we really expect all our YouTube viewers around Pokhara to come see us live. The event will feature some of the best stand-up comics in Nepal who are more than eager to test your sense of humour.