30 Jan 2019
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On 26th of January, Saturday, this past week, a grand event was successfully organised at a very popular restaurant, Calm, located at Tangalwood.

At a time (like this) when Nepali comedy, particularly the stand up comedy, is gaining a massive boost in public, VMAG, in association with Ruslan, has been able to pull off this extravagant event titled Mic Drop.

Mic Drop is such an event where anyone and everyone can show their comic side to public as part of the biggest stand up comedy series in Nepal yet.  If you feel that you are the victim of some funny incident, you can share it on our platform.

Mic Drop is a weekly event organised at various locations on Saturdays featuring some of the finest comics in nepali comedy scene. And those who have been to our past two events and decided to make their way to the event, we greatly appreciate you all.

As for the third event, we would like to invite you all through this video to yet another popular hotspot at Durbar Marg called Octave on the evening of 2nd February.