29 Jan 2019
4 min read
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Mic Drop is a VMAG initiative to bring together some of the most prolific comics in the country to create a common space for everyone who loves to laugh.

In this series you will see 6 comics perform their guts out at various venues. 3 among them, Pranish Gautam, Shraddha Verma and Sajan Shrestha already appeared in the first event at Trisara and got everyone laughing and rolling on the floor, which you all missed.

But dont worry. You can still catch Mayur Goyal, Alan Jung Thapa and Bishal Gautam in their A-game pretty soon at Calm, Tangalwood.

What's more? There will be weekly shows at various places throughout next 6 monthsPicture Courtesy: Trisara, Lazimpat