Portal Bikes: The Nepalese bike, made for Nepal!

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05 Oct 2018
4 min read
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Portal bikes the world's most innovative and adaptable bicycles that transforms lives and power businesses.

Portal bikes are human powered vehicles designed and constructed specifically for transporting loads rather than just commuting. It has a cargo area consisting of an open box, flat platform usually mounted over one or both wheels. The frame and drivetrain is also conducted to handle loads larger than those of an ordinary bicycle. Their main aim is to empower entrepreneurs and workers. They have several projects going on for now their main project for now is: - portal cargo, earthquake relief project and custom project. 

Their main vision is to support the businessman who wants to increase productivity and create a better living. The cargo bikes come in two variants: - the mid tail and the long tail. The design of the bike is a clean minimalistic design. The parts used in the bicycle are imported from Taiwan. 

The cargo bike has several advantages:-

  • It can carry over four times the load of a normal bicycle.

  • It is way faster than the normal bicycle because it has a gearing system.

  • It is very sturdy as it was made to carry cargo.

  • It also has a power take off system which basically turns your bicycle into a machine. The PTO is a different chain unit attached to the bicycle on which a machine is fitted and with the use of the pedal you can power the machine. With the portal PTO system the user can use it to pump water, generate electricity, blend coffee and wash clothes.