27 Sep 2018
5 min read
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Hunger Hunt
Burger with a twist! Have you ever tried Ramen Burger? This new dish at Casmia will have you drooling for more.

The New Burger in town will leave you utterly gratified. We all have heard of Ramen noodles but spicy ramen burger is a whole new dish especially introduced for the locals of Nepal. The chef gives us an insight on how this masterpiece is made. Firstly the noodles are boiled and shaped into a mold using egg as the binding agent. Then, he goes on to grill the chicken patty which is minced and seasoned at the kitchen itself. For the side dish the chef prepares coleslaw by whipping some homemade mayonnaise and mixing them up with sliced cabbage and carrots. The ramen burger is assembled just like any other burger. But this fusion of authentic Asian cuisine with continental is what makes the customer’s come back to this place again. The second dish is chicken wing dish called ‘The Mongolian Chicken’. The Mongolian chicken consists of two chicken wings which are pre-marinated. The wings are topped with thinly sliced carrots, cabbage and cilantro.


Casmia, Pulchowk 4th Floor on the building right opposite to the zebra crossing at Pulchowk.