Craziest dessert in town - Nitrogen Ice Cream

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13 Sep 2018
3 min read
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Hunger Hunt
Social media has been lighting up with a smokin' new dessert that lets people breathe fog like smoke out of their mouths and nostrils.

Just in time for the last few days of summer, Oshin has discovered something new for us. The craziest dessert in town Nitrogen Ice-cream. It is located in Labim mall. There is so much of hype on the social media about the nitrogen ice-cream. Talking about the safety it is completely safe to consume as we are not exposed to the liquid nitrogen. Ice-cream lovers are going to love this place. It is very fascinating to watch. They offer starters, main course and dessert. The starter consists of chocolate stick bread which allows you to enjoy the flavour. The main course consists of nutella and JuJu dahi ice-cream which is more flavorsome than other ice-cream. Talking about the dessert part they offer oreo shake and chipwich. All of their ice-cream have managed to earn good review.