Khukri XXX Sundown Affair Vol 5

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11 Sep 2018
3 min read
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Khukri Rum is a series of late afternoon parties that takes place at various happening locations Kathmandu has to offer.

Past few weeks has been quite fun and sultry, all thanks to Khukri Rum’ Sundown Affair, which is a series of late afternoon parties hosted by Khukri Rum at various happening location across our beautiful capital city.

And this week, we headed to Level 3 at Labim Mall for the main party filled with Khukri Rum based cocktails and jumpy electronic dance music. The cocktails were all handcrafted by some of the expert barmen of Nepal.
After the party, we were escorted to Prive at Labim for a fancy afterparty, where the crowd really got to loosen up a bit and have a fun time.

The event was lit with celebrities and socialites along with party goers of Kathmandu who indulged in various Khukri rum Cocktails mixed by the expert bartenders. Rum based cocktails are a rare phenomenon in the city but this event and its future iterations are certain to bring a major change to that situation.