In conversation with Actor Dhiraj Magar

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11 Sep 2018
3 min read
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In conversation with Actor Dhiraj Magar, the star of the upcoming movie ‘INTU MINTU LONDONMA’.

Dhiraj Magar is a UK based Nepali actor, blogger and model, debuted in Nepali movie industry with his very new film "Intu Mintu  Londonma". Dhiraj was born in Nepal but bought up in UK. Talking about the difference between the people of Nepal and UK he says "Neplease people are very genuine and have a big heart they are not as cold as compared to the people in Uk". Dhiraj says he had difficulty while pronouncing certain words in the movie. He proves to be really passionate about his work and wants the audience to acknowledge his hard work and dedication not just his good looks. Had it not been movies, Dhiraj says he'd choose football as his career path.