Buying a second hand bike in Nepal?

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11 Sep 2018
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Here are the top 10 expert tips and tricks to buying a second hand bike in Nepal.

Here are the ten steps you need to follow before buying a second hand bike in Nepal.

Step one:- You need to do the external check always check if there is any dent or scratch. You should always look out for any discoloring, irregularities and the paint.

Step two:- Make sure that you research about the owner his occupation, age and ask for all the necessary documents of the bike. Look through all his credentials, bill book and license.

Step three:- Always try the cold start if the bike starts in the very first go there is no problem with the engine.

Step four:- The first thing that goes bad in an accident is the handle. Check the handle if it is smooth or not.

Step five:- Check for the welding around the rear and the handle area.

Step six:- Also check if there is any rust around the bike, the chain area, area in front of the exhaust and the battery.

Step seven:- Look after the tires. If there is any wear and tear it shows the bike has not been managed properly.

Step eight:- Also make sure the chains are well lubricated. If the chain is dry or rusty it is a sign of neglegancy.

Step nine:- Inspect the disk and the brake-levers.

The last step is the most important step. Most of the people never check the petrol tank. If there is any rust around the petrol tank there might be a problem. If the bike passes all the test and the price is good you can go ahead and buy the bike.