Panorama 60's at BAC Art Cafe

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10 Sep 2018
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Out & About this week is all about art. Modern Nepali art to be more precise.

We dropped by Bikalpa Art Centre, popularly known as BAC Art Cafe, at Pulchowk, to be part of their latest art exhibition titled, ‘Panorama 60’s: Pioneers of Nepali Modernism’.

The exhibition happens to be a panoramic showcase of post-1960s Nepali art, featuring work from eight artists who pioneered modern art in Nepal.

By analysing the works of the pioneers of Nepali modern art – Manoj Babu Mishra, Shashi Bikram Shah, Batsha Gopal Baidhya, Krishna Manandhar, Ramananda Joshi, Indra Pradhan, Gehendra Man Amatya, & Shashi Kala Tiwari – Panorama 60’s aims to enlighten the public on the emergence and development of modernism in Nepali art. Modern Nepali art happens to be an understudied area of artistic and cultural history. And, hence, the objective of this exhibition is to help fill that gap.