19 Jul 2018
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Since past two weeks, the only thing that Kathmandu has been buzzing about is football. Much like rest of the world, the football fever was quite unreal in our city, too - thanks to the FIFA World Cup 2018. It came to a glorious climax last night with France emerging as the new champions while the whole world kept cheering and howling.Meanwhile in Kathmandu, we couldn't help ourselves but give in to the World Cup fever. So we made our way to Club Deja Vu to watch the finals live on a big screen with some good food and couple of pints of some nice tipple. Before those couple of pints turned out to be a few too many t handle, we made our way to Beta House in Thamel for the second half. Thamel, the prime tourist hub in Kathmandu that never sleeps, was all worked up because of the World Cup. Particularly the Beta House, which was full of football fans who were so into the game that they might as well have been in Russia. The night ended with some cheering the victorious team and the rest commending the losing team for their efforts, while we quietly made our way out and called it a night