The most local fast food at Mangalbazar, Patan - Buff Thukpa/Buff Chowmein

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04 Jul 2018
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Hunger Hunt
Mangal bazar has been one of the key spots for me to hunt down delicious food on this show. There are so many options to choose from here… you can go for authentic Newari food, rare offal dishes, Western-style meals, fried chicken, and more. Thanks to the fact that, Patan is a blend if old and new, there is just so much to eat around here.I have already covered most of those foods and quite a lot of food hotspots. But just when I thought I had done it all, I have come across a small eatery here at Mangal Bazar. Actually a little inside the main Mangal Bazar Chowk.And today, I am going to take you to this minimalist but gem of an eatery. It’s called Yummy Laphing Center, where I am not going to have laphing because no one's new to laphing. So I am going to have something else, which is their specialty food. If you are new to the show, this is Coca-Cola Hunger Hunt, your one-stop source for the best eateries around town. I am your foodie host Oshin, and you are watching VMAG Hunger Hunt