02 May 2018
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Hunger Hunt
Wings momo is basically chicken wings with minced meat stuffed inside them, which are then fried and presented in such a way that will make you drool.The idea of Sukuti momos may seem outlandish but it’s simple. Take a plate of momos and treat them as you would treat sukutis, or dried meat. Cook them, dice them and serve them alongside dried meat with lots of spices and dressings.The secret to this chaat momo is a combo of homemade tamarind sauce and Sinka’s special momo pickle into which the momos are tossed. But before that the momos are diced into two halves and deep fried. The mouthwatering mix of momos, tamarind sauce and momo pickle is then dressed with yogurt, peanuts and Haldiram’s Bhujia, along with freshly diced coriander, onions and green chillies