Oshin makes her own pizza at Impasto (Plus Mexicana Chicken Pizza)

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17 May 2018
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Hunger Hunt
There was a time when pizzas were the most sought after food on most menus. However, that craze began to wear off since pizzas became a little too Italian for the spice-addicted, meat loving Nepali crowd. But now, Impasto Pizzeria is one of those new generation restaurants that are slowly helping pizzas become more popular again in Kathmandu

Fried Corn

It is one of the signature dish of Impasto. To prepare the dish, corn is first dusted with flour and then deep fried. It is then tossed with butter and sprinkled with salt and pepper.

Mexicana Chicken Pizza

This pizza is made up of home-made sauce, mozzarella, olives, onions, cilantro, sweet pepper, sweet corn, jalapeño and chicken. This dish was conceived as a fusion between Italian and Nepali cuisine. For the Nepali spiciness, Nepali masalas are added, while for the Italian savoriness, Italian herbs are added.

Chosen Pizza

For this pizza, the customer are free to choose from five different toppings. Its edges are stuffed with cheese to make sure that the customers enjoy its every bite, including its edges.

Oshin’s Review

For the fried corn, the batter forms a slightly textured cover which gives it a boost of juiciness and sweetness. It is slightly greasy but very light and the mix of the sweet and the salt gives you a palatable umami flavor.

As for the Mexicana Chicken, the pizza is really cheesy and the meat is perfectly seasoned. Its spiciness is sure to give your Nepali palate a proper kick. The corn and onions are thinly spread so that you don’t get the sweetness from both at the same time, which also does not make your pizza too overpowering. The olive oil and the organo are in optimum quantities so that they do not make the pizza too oily. The crust is dry but soft, and the edges are dense and absolutely delicious. You can find generous amount of cheese, chicken and jalapeños.