Miss Nepal World 2017 Nikita Chandak

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21 May 2018
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Did you know that Miss Nepal 2017 Nikita Chandak is soon starring in a romantic Nepali movie? Oshin finds out more

Highlights from the show

Miss Nepal 2018 Nikita Chandak is looking forward to do Rani Mahal, a movie like any other with drama, romance and a bit of comedy. She did get a lot of offers for other movies with different characters but she was not comfortable with those roles. Whereas with Rani Mahal, when she got she read the script,  she could imagine herself in that character and felt comfortable with the role which is why she decided to go ahead with the movie.

In the next five years, Chandak wants to see herself as one of the top actresses globally. Since, she grew up watching Bollywood films, she feels that she has a connection with those movies and wants to be a Nepali representative there. 

Chandak interprets life as an ongoing process, with equal parts failure and success. But for her, it is important that people must never forget their roots and, most importantly, should never lose hope because there will be bigger opportunities. At some point of her life, Chandak says, she was about to lose hope in herself and her dreams of becoming an actor since she felt that no doors opened.