Ujaya Shakya - Finding my own identity

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13 May 2018
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His parents raised him well, taught him their family values and norms. They encouraged him to run their family business, which was booming, and he went along for a while before he realised his life’s calling - Advertising. He then left his family’s business and joined a reputed advertising agency in Nepal as a young management trainee. It wasn’t long before he quit that job, too, only to open up his own advertising firm, which has now gone on to become one of the fastest growing and most creative ad-agencies not just in Nepal but also in the entire South Asian region. His name is Ujaya Shakya, founder and Managing Director of Outreach Nepal, who recently won the Leadership Award at Flame Awards Asia 2018 held in Mumbai, attending alongside some of the biggest business leaders from many large South Asian companies like Reliance Industries, Robi Axiata Bangladesh, Tata Steel, Mahindra & others. This is his story about his struggle with himself to make an identity, and about his personal understanding of the world of advertising and branding where he happily lives in

Highlights from the interview

Ujaya Shakya’s profession is to communicate the brand message of various companies in the most effective way to the consumers. He states that the advertising industry changing rapidly with the advancement of technology and the growth of media like the internet. 

As a child, Shakya had travelled many countries, helping his father with his handicraft export business and participating many exhibitions around the world. However, his first step into the industry started with J. Walter Thompson and started his own agency a few years later, which was a big risk at the time. He was introduced to the advertising industry while he was studying in India, which was just opening up to the global market, with numerous international agencies setting up their business there. 

Shakya states that a challenge in this industry is appealing to the youth-dominated Nepali market. He also states that a persisting aspect of this industry is that vendors often tend to underestimate the audience, whose lifestyles and spendings are also changing rapidly. he states that he owes the success of his business to his talent group of employees, who he states that are more competent that he is. According to him, for a brand to be successful, it must first know it stands for as well as understand the local market and create a healthy balance between the two. 

Shakya’s personal goal, as an advertising professional, has been to showcase Nepal in the international advertising arena. To achieve that goal, he has been participating in many international seminars.