American-style Burgers and Monster Fries at Workshop

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13 May 2018
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Hunger Hunt
Fast foods are dime a dozen in Nepal, particularly in Kathmandu, where every other eatery seems to be a fast food joint. Some have maintained a healthy reputation by serving mouth-watering delicacies while others are slowly getting there. And our job is to take you all to those places where the food is great, ambience is inviting and the people are amazing. And today we have found one such place somewhere between Kupondole Heights and Sanepa. The place is called ‘Workshop’ and it remains hidden in plain sight opposite the Hotel Greenwich Village. And, on Coca-Cola Hunger Hunt today, we are going taste their best offerings, only on Kantipur HD. So let’s head there, shall we

Monster Fries

The preparation of monster fries starts from potatoes which are deep fried like any other french fries. But, the definitive factor of this one is that it is not served with ketchup, but just the rightful amount of homemade American cheese.

American-style Cheese Burger

Cheese Burger is a universal fast food, and at Workshop they make it the American way. First, a sesame toasted bun is split in two and lightly grilled. Thereafter, freshly minced buffalo patty is grilled and seasoned with salt and pepper. A cheese slice, along with iceberg lettuce and two slices of tomato, is then placed on the grilled patty and then stacked on the bun to create the American-Style Cheese Burger.

Oshin's Review

The fries are really crispy and cheesy and is vastly different from other fries because of the American cheese which also acts as the dipping sauce. The fries are starchy and soft, and crispy at the same time but the cheese adds a whole new flavour. 

As for the burger, the patty is the best part since it not seasoned, so it carries the proper taste of meat. Each bite gives you a mouthful of meaty juiciness doused with cheesy goodness. The patties at Workshop is made from the scratch which gives the burger a fresh taste.

And finally, for dessert is the soft Triple Chocolate Doughnut. The chocolate coats the doughnut as well as fills its insides.