I used to have 25-30 guitars - Manoj Kumar KC

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13 May 2018
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Here's a look at what 1974 AD's guitarist Manoj Kumar KC's collection is like

Highlights from the show

Manoj Kumar KC is a band member of 1974 A.D, playing the guitar and also serves as the band’s producer. He is also the director of Electronic Music Production Department at Kathmandu Jazz Conservatory. 

KC likes to stay updated with the latest gadgets and products that are relevant with his field. His most used gadget is his phone, Iphone SE, which he prefers for because of its relatively smaller screen and ease of use. He prefers to use Apple products since it allows him to sync all of those devices with each other conveniently. 

To commute between home, work and other places, KC uses a Hyundai Santro, which he specifically chose due its smaller frame that allows him to drive easily in the congested Kathmandu city. He feels that the car carries a sentiment value since he bought it with his wife, right after getting married, and he has no plan to replace it any sooner. 

Being a musician, KC owned up to 30 guitars at one point. He has since sold off most out of the collection since it was a major hassle for him to take of maintaining them. He has kept some of the ones which either have personal stories attached to them or are from premium brands. Currently, KC owns two PRS guitars--a McCarty and a 408--as well as two Fender guitars--an American Fender with tremolo and a vintage 1957 Stratocaster-- among the many that he owns.