Swastima Khadka - "I don't find myself very pretty... only sometimes"

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13 May 2018
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Oshin sits down with one of the most promising female actors of Nepali film industry, Swastima Khadka

Swastima Khadka is one of the youngest achievers of the Nepali entertainment industry. In a matter of three years, she managed to performed in five movies and numerous music videos, with “Kutu Ma Kutu” (a song in which she was featured) setting a record viewership of 56 million hits. She has fans within Nepal as well outside, from where she receives tremendous amount love and support.

Khadka kicked off her acting career from the movie “Hostel Returns”. Her second movie was “Love Love Love”, which didn’t do that good but garnered acclaim and admiration for her role which led to acting roles in other movies. Thereafter, she was part of three other movies: “Chakka Panja”, “Jai Bhole” and “Nai Nabhannu La 5”. During her time in the movie industry, Khadka has met a lot of actors and she states that among those actors, her favourites are being Dia Maskey and Menuka Pradhan, while but she regards Bipin Karki as one of her inspiration. 

Despite getting married at such a young age, Khadka has been able to manage her time between family and profession, stating that her in-laws are very supportive. As for the future, she states that she hasn't planned on anything specific except for the goal of working as a filmmaker. She wants to start off by assisting few good directors and figure things out accordingly.