I feel younger than ever before - Jyoti Ghimire

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07 May 2018
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For most Nepali music lovers, Jyoti Ghimire needs no introduction. As a passionate musician at heart, he has been making music since the 80’s while also making a name for himself as a footballer as well as taking up what would be a successful career as a civil servant. There seems to be nothing but guitar notes and rock music running through his veins which is why Ghimire is back, tracing is musical roots, writing songs and making music all over again even after retiring from his job at Nepal Telecom. Only this time, he is back for good

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Ghimire was a performer who used to play covers of numerous songs during the 80’s. However, he was motivated to compose songs, most of which were initially inspired by the western artists, on his own after being motivated by his audience’s positive response.

Ghimire has been a football enthusiast since his youth, even representing the RCT Annapurna at one point. However, as his focus shifted towards music, football became less of a priority. When his professional career as a civil servant took off, Ghimire tried to divide his time between his work and music.Now after retirement, he has now been able to devote his full time towards his passion. He has been dissecting and analyzing songs from other artist who he believes are doing exceptional work in their respective genres.

However, Ghimire feels that Nepali music now has lost its authenticity because of modernisation and development of technology.