07 May 2018
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Hunger Hunt
Nepal is a land of multiple castes and ethnicities, who have nurtured their respective cultures and traditions for years despite the wave of modernity that’s slowly encroaching on their way of life. While that’s inevitable, it is commendable that some people are trying to keep their culture alive in their own ways--some have picked up traditional art and craft, some have learnt their traditional music, and some have trained themselves in the art of cooking their ethnic food. And today on Coca-Cola Hunger Hunt, we will be seeking out one of those individuals who has taken it upon himself to promote a local dish from eastern Nepal

Normal Bhakka

Bhakka is served in a traditional tapari. On its own, Bhakka has no distinguishable flavour, so it’s normally served with pickle. However, if you are looking to get to this dish’s roots, you must have it with salt and chilli powder.
Bhakka is quite spongy so when pickle is glazed on top of it, it absorbs the pickle’s taste. Although it is prepared from rice, there is no hint of rice at, neither in its taste or its aroma.

Sweet Bhakka

Sweet bhakka is not as dry as the dry one and can be eaten with and without the pickle, salt or chili powder. The best part about it is that it does not really feel heavy on the stomach, much like a dessert.