02 May 2018
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Some people figure out their life’s calling quite early while others take their time jumping several ships before they finally realise exactly what they want from their lives. Sukadev Karki belongs to the latter demography-- bullied as a child and thus defensive and short-tempered who grew up to be several characters; a teacher, a responsible son, a street-smart businessman, a daredevil biker, a fitness fanatic and now a brand ambassador for an esteemed firm. But none of that was what he had thought he would be. He was a normal Nepali youngster high on life and adrenaline until an unfortunate bike crash changed his outlook on life, and forced him to find a purpose to live

Highlights from the interview

As a child, Sukadev Karki was mischievous and had a relatively short temper than those of his peers and as a result, his parents forced him into seeking employment pretty early in his life. He began teaching and tutoring in a nearby school as soon as he finished his secondary education. Despite his family’s financial difficulties, Karki managed to leave for the UK in October, 2009 with help of a acquaintance. He initially worked in the construction industry, later working as a courier and later initiating a small company that traded cell phones. 

As a motorbike enthusiast, Karki has owned a few bikes  and had suffered minor injuries from his early years of reckless riding. He purchased a KTM 390 upon his return from the UK.  Karki is also a fitness enthusiast and has participated in many body building competitions. However, all of that came to a halt when he suffered a major accident. His speeding led to a collision with an oncoming vehicle, and as a result, he suffered severe injuries. However, despite his injuries, his recovery was relatively quicker than usual cases, which karki credits to his resilient willpower and his dedication to staying fit.