The comedian with two names - Narendra Kansakar

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12 Jul 2018
1 min read
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Narendra Kansakar is recognised more for his incredibly funny acting performance with the famed comedy-duo MaHa Jodi than by his personal name. An average hardware trader turned comedian, Kansakar got his first major break in a Newari drama about 3 decades back without any formal training. All he had with him was a zeal to learn and grow as an actor, which he did. Throughout his acting career, he has preferred working with MaHa with a few projects here and there with others. In fact, he is so inspired by MaHa duo that he event went on to take of their production management full time, which slightly decreased the amount of work he did i n front of the camera. Yet, Kansakar is one gratified and happy individual, who likes to crack jokes, share funny life incidents, and even casually joke about how he was to never step into the world of acting and films