11 Apr 2018
1 min read
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He was once hailed as the next best Nepali theatre actor, whose flawless stage performance would raise the hairs on the back of the people’s necks. Then, after he began appearing in films, he became the next big name in the Nepali film industry, whose mere presence on the screen, the filmmakers believed, would sell out the theatres. So, what is he doing at the moment? What keeps him busy in the mornings at a shabby underground theatre studio near Mandala Theatre? What is it like winning three national film awards, two of which were for The Best Actor, and being on the top of the food chain? And, how did he even get here? VMAG’s Gaurav Pote witnessed Dayahang Rai’s undiminished love for the theatre arts, and listens to the master-performer as he reminisces about his bittersweet walk of life