11 Apr 2018
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Last Friday, Dwarika Hotel hosted a small event for the launch of a campaign called ‘Nepal Spells Adventure’. The event’s attendees were some of the top officials from government agencies, foreign delegates and campaign organisers.Promoted by Bollywood actor Manisha Koirala and famous watchmaker Michael Kobold, with the support from Nepal Tourism board, this campaign is part of the ‘Firetruck Expedition’ due to commence in the latter half of 2018. The expedition seeks to gather international celebrities to make their way on firetrucks through various cities and towns in Nepal to raise awareness against fire accidents and preventable loss of lives and properties. The trucks will eventually be donated to the fire-prevention department of the Nepali government.As a prelude to this expedition, the weekend event at Dwarika also introduced Hollywood actor Malcolm McDowell to the expats and officials overseeing the expedition on the Nepali side. McDowell recently toured Nepal alongside Manisha Koirala as part of the preliminary research to map the expedition route, and was quite hopeful and excited about the firetruck expedition.