Celebrating women lifters

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21 Mar 2018
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In the week gone by, we saw various celebrations and events being organised tocommemorate International Women’s Day 2018, and they were all amazing in their own unique way—meeting as they did, various objectives

In the week gone by, we saw various celebrations and events being organised to commemorate International Women’s Day 2018, and they were all amazing in their own unique way—meeting as they did, various objectives. With regards to health and fitness, the spotlight was once again on the 3rd Interclub Squat Competition 2018, organised by Jasmine Fitness and Club Pvt. Ltd and Ideashop Media & Entertainment Pvt. Ltd and powered by Dabur Honey and Optimum Nutrition (ON). This two-day event saw participation from 34 women, and eventually, there were three winners each from the two categories (below 60 kg and over 60kg), who were cheered on by more than 800 spectators.

The fitness journey

In addition to the contest, in order to celebrate International Women’s Day, the organisers, with the support of Water Aid, also held a workshop on menstruation, with the theme #PeriodPower.
During the competition, Fitness Director of Jasmine Fitness and Spa, Niroj Lama, said that he was happy with the momentum the event had picked up over the years, and that he was especially delighted to see participants from cities like Dharan and Pokhara. “Our participants have been inspired by our previous competitions,” he said. “One of our main objectives was to encourage women to become role models and inspire other women to join this journey of fitness, empowerment and overall improved strength through weight/power lifting.”

But event success notwithstanding, Lama also talked about how more work still needed to be done to increase awareness about the importance of doing squats and engaging in lifting. “We chose squats as the basis of the competition, owing to the exercise’s amazing benefits,” he said. “But the reality is that, apart from fitness enthusiasts, the general population is still unaware about these benefits. I hope that over time, as we get into partnerships with more organisations and individuals, we will be able to spread the knowledge far and wide.”

A note from the winners

This year, the winners from both categories broke all records. According to Lama, judges and audience members alike were surprised by their performances and were impressed by the athleticism they exhibited. Neha Banu took home the gold by lifting 120 kg, while Shelina Huda lifted an astounding 140kg in the under-60 kg and above-60 kg categories,  respectively. I caught up with them and both of them talked about the importance of following a strict training regimen. Banu dedicated three times a week to full-body workout, with undulate load and reps. She also reduced her training volume as the competition day got closer. As for Huda, she focused on strength training, which included glutes, core and activations and dedicated three days a week to squats.
As for their individual motivations, Huda credits her partner and trainer, Praneesh, for always pushing her to go beyond her limits, and Banu was motivated by her “wanting to feel stronger and look better.”

Here’s what they have to say to other ladies

Neha Banu:

“Embrace the beauty in strength, and squat like a girl.”

Shelina Huda:

“Nobody is born powerful. Gaining strength is a slow process. We need to have faith in ourselves and work with a positive mindset.”

I would like to sign off this column with a personal note. Thank you for all these years, and I hope I have played a part in helping you adopt a healthier lifestyle. There are many ways to improve your overall wellness, but remember to do what you love and remember that it is crucial to love and put yourself first by always appreciating your body for all that it does for you. I hope you will continue radiating positivity as you continue sweating it out and eating well. Much love to you, my readers.