Why I became a dermatologist - Dr. Dharmendra Karn

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05 Mar 2018
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While most medical students opt to go for popular disciplines like cardiology, neurology, and surgery after completing their MBBS, Dr, Dharmendra Karn opted for dermatology against the liking of his father, who gave him a silent treatment for months for taking that step. But despite the tough studies, his hard-to-convince parents, who gave in eventually, and all the hardships of a Nepali med-student, Dr Karn made it through as one of the pioneers in the field of dermatology in Nepal. Today, the humble, soft-spoken doctor works at Dhulikhel Hospital as Head of Dermatology department, conducting major dermatology and cosmetic treatments as well as lecturing as an Associate Professor and conducting wide research in the field. And, this here, is his walk of life