Chill Companion: Espresso Martini and Margarita

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09 Feb 2018
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For this week’s Chill Companion segment, Wosti concocted two very popular and classic cocktails: Margarita and Espresso Martini

Sadip Wosti, who is originally from Gorkha, has been working as the Head Bartender at the Friends Restaurant, Thamel, for the past three years. Before this, he used to work at The Heritage Restaurant, where he started his bartending journey five years ago. “I was really drawn towards bartending and I wanted to know everything about it. Despite having received formal training, I was always seeking help from my seniors. I wanted to know as much as possible and I would usually bombard them with questions,” says Wosti.

Wosti’s take on bartending

His favourite aspect of bartending is that it gives him a platform to learn new things every day and to expand his knowledge. “I never get bored. My job keeps me going,” he adds. Owing to this philosophy, Wosti believes that in order to run a bar, a bartender must have vast knowledge on the different types of liquor and spirits. He says that making different drinks is not as easy as pouring juice into a glass; a bartender must thoroughly know the different combinations that work and those that don’t. Apart from concocting drinks, he believes a bartender should be able to cater to customers’ taste, so in that aspect, service and proper communication are also equally important.

Wosti’s mixology philosophy

The only philosophy that Wosti has when it comes to making drinks is that it has to make such an impression on guests that they keep returning for more. To ensure this, Wosti gives each drink his utmost attention. He is meticulous about everything: from the hygiene and the quality of the products to the appearance. “None of these aspects should be lacking. The garnishing is as important as the taste of the drink. When I serve a drink, I have to feel like I’ve put in all my effort and made it to the best of my abilities,” he says. His only goal is to make sure that the guests remember the drink in its entirety.

Wosti’s mixology chops

For this week’s Chill Companion segment, Wosti concocted two very popular and classic cocktails: Margarita and Espresso Martini, both of which happen to be his favourite drinks to make. The Espresso Martini is popular amongst both cocktail and coffee lovers as it contains vodka, coffee liqueur, espresso and sugar syrup. These ingredients are shaken well in a cocktail shaker with ice, and the blend is poured into a cocktail glass. It is topped off with coffee beans. The drink is rich and delicious and definitely leaves you wanting more. The Margarita is a simple mixture of tequila, cointreau and lemon juice. It is light and zesty and makes for the perfect cocktail.


Tequila 35 ml
Cointreau 20 ml
Lemon juice 15 ml

Espresso Martini:

Vodka 50 ml
Coffee Liqueur 10 ml
Espresso 40 ml
Sugar Syrup 10 ml