The street standard

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07 Feb 2018
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Our resident fashionista guides you through the streets with street wears for 2018

Get ready to give in to the nostalgia of the ’90s, as the great graphic streetwear revolution of the bygone era makes for its biggest revival in 2018. All you’ll have to do to ace it is mix and match a master combination of some local, luxe and performance separates for a style that references the bold and brave spirit of the yesteryears.

Reinventing the classics

Whether it’s a full tracksuit, a hoodie and joggers combo, or some kind of a hybrid mix, you’ll either want to reference the past as with a ’90s-inspired sports tracksuit combo or go for something super modern with an innovative textile detail, say through bold graphic colour combinations and chunky stripes on the side details.


However, do remember that design is also a matter of function. So in addition to cutting-edge aesthetics, you’ll also want to take utility into consideration. So, think in terms of performance and durability of textiles and functional details like hoods, pockets, drawstrings and paneling for better movement. Elsewhere, items that can transform, like a windbreaker that folds into a backpack or another accessory, are an added bonus.

The street workout

We get it. We do. The world, today, is your gym. So go on and give your gear a heavy dose of attitude by layering shorts over leggings in an all-black bold combination. Similarly, go for a black trainer with an edgy, graphic detail, like this latest offering in the Adidas Originals’ EQT line. Mirror that detail with a hybrid performance pack to hold all of your vital belongings and aqua and other performance potions.

Sneakers first

When you’re thinking style, your sneakers should never be an afterthought. In fact, use the design of your shoe as a starting point to help formulate your ideas around the rest of your outfit. Build from the base up.

The street casual

Elsewhere, keep it local. Pair your kicks with a bold black and white trouser and tee combo (cropped trousers being the preferred style for now). A graphic illustration on your tee will elevate the look, while a bright colour in your outerwear will add some punch to the overall style.

Clean is cool

Even a plain white combination can be cool, if you give the right consideration to proportions and other nuanced design details. If you’re going for minimal, make sure to pick pieces with contrasting accent details to make the look stronger and racier. Go for a contrasting sneaker, and accessorise for extra attitude.

Attitude is key

You don’t need to throw in everything to make a statement. Bold style is often found in the effortless combination of three basic elements:  A canvas piece, like grey sweats; a graphic element, like a print or illustration and then a bright colour choice. Your pieces shouldn’t be competing to distract from the architectural or surface design elements of the garments in question. Give your choices space to talk for themselves.