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04 Feb 2018
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Speak To The Geek
Our resident geek explains if you really need a tempered glass and a phone case i.e. added protection

Use protection
Do we need to use tempered glass or a protection case on our smartphones? Every year smartphone companies claim that their phone screens and bodies are the sturdiest, and drop tests seem to prove their claim. So why would we need to spend the extra amount on protection?
Tempered Glass: I really do like tempered glass. Here’s why: a tempered glass is a reinforced panel made by compressing the surface of a regular glass panel under high pressure, which gives it added sturdiness. This allows the glass to serve as a protective layer over our smartphone screens. This layer is normally between 0.15 and 0.5 mm thick. Thickness isn’t a matter of concern as long as the glass is produced by a certified manufacturer. Many tempered-glass panels come with a  blue-light filter, which helps protect your eyes from your phone’s harsh light.

The only issue with such glass protectors is that, since they are made of glass after all, they will be prone to breakage, scratches or other similar damage, no matter how careful you might be. That said, it is very cheap and easy to replace them. So, my advice would be to get a tempered glass for your phone.
Case/Cover: Speaking of cases, there are thousands of varieties to choose from. You can opt for either slim ones or thick ones—it all depends on how careful you are with your phone. However, you must keep in mind while purchasing a cover that it must have a lip—a front-facing edge that keeps the screen untouched when you place your phone face-down on a flat surface. Same goes for the other side, where the cover must keep the camera from touching the flat surface.

Are drop tests trustworthy?
As much fun as drop tests are to watch, you must keep in mind that every drop is unique, even when the tests are performed from the same height, since the conditions in each test may vary. The landing surface, the phone’s landing position and the type of phone can lead to a different result each time. For instance, Apple claimed that their iPhone X boasted the strongest glass and frame. However, it cracked on the very first try when it was being tested by reporters from CNET. Meanwhile, the X has survived several drops from higher positions when tested by many popular YouTube reviewers. So, there is no one definitive answer. You’ll probably have to refer to extremely trusted sites like Anandtech to get the answer you want.