Chill Companion: Tequila Sunrise & Blue Arrow

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11 Jan 2018
3 min read
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For this week’s Chill Companion segment, Narayan Gaire concocted two fruity and energising drinks: Tequila Sunrise & Blue Arrow

Narayan Gaire, who has more than three years of professional bartending experience, is currently working as a bartender at The Electric Pagoda, Thamel. Gaire received his bartending training at The Factory Restaurant and Bar, where he worked for two years before joining The Electric Pagoda. Although Gaire actually started off his journey as a cashier at The Factory, bartending eventually piqued his interest, and he started helping around at the bar. Soon enough Gaire realised that bartending was something he was truly interested in and the vocation he wanted to pursue for the long term.

Gaire’s take on bartending

Gaire says that one should only opt for this profession out of sheer passion and interest, and nothing else. Without passion, even a very happening and exciting job can feel extremely tedious. Gaire believes that bartending is an art form that needs a proper foundation. Thus, he believes that formal training is paramount in determining success in this line of work. Speaking about his favourite aspect of bartending, Gaire says, “I love that bartending gives me exposure to guests, since it allows me to socialise and interact with new people every day. But as a bartender, learning to approach guests and handling them when they are drunk are also important skills to master.”

Gaire’s mixology philosophy

Gaire says that he first prepares all his ingredients beforehand and takes things slow, thus minimising the risk of slip ups. Gaire also believes that it is important to have proper background knowledge about different types of spirits and liqueurs, in order to know what combinations work and what don’t. He also places utmost importance on garnishing to create a lasting first impression. Gaire always starts off his drinks by using ice as a base, then by pouring juices over it and then topping it off with different types of liqueur.

Gaire’s mixology chops

For this week’s Chill Companion segment, Gaire concocted two mild, rejuvenating drinks: Tequila Sunrise and Blue Arrow. To make Tequila Sunrise, he poured a blend of tequila and orange juice into a glass filled to the brim with ice cubes, before topping it off with grenadine syrup and garnishing the drink with an orange slice. To prepare the Blue Arrow, he mixed vodka with Blue Curacao (which gave the drink a light-blue tint), lemon juice and sugar syrup in a cocktail shaker. After pouring the drink, he garnished it with a few lemon slices. According to Gaire, these classic cocktails are perfect for pool parties.