Resolve to get healthier

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08 Jan 2018
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Fitness experts and trainers share their suggestions on what they think their clients can resolve to do this 2018 while on their path towards a healthier, stronger and fitter 2018

I don’t really believe in the ritual of coming up with resolutions, as I personally think that making positive changes is something that should be done whenever you see fit, and not just at the start of the new year. Nevertheless, one cannot ignore the ‘New Year, New beginning(s)’ ritual, and this week, that is what I am touching upon. I spoke to some of Kathmandu city’s fitness experts and trainers to share their suggestions on what they think their clients can resolve to do this 2018 while on their path towards a healthier, stronger and fitter 2018.

Here are some of their thoughts:

You, always, you first

I used to be proud about how I could survive early morning classes with less than four hours of sleep and how I was managing time with the plethora of things I was doing—when I was actually rushing from one place to the next without taking a breather. Luckily, with age, I have come to know better and take the necessary steps to ensure that I put myself first. Simple things like sleeping in during the weekends, indulging in a pampering session at the salon/spa and/or heading outdoors, away from the noise and air pollution of the city go a long way.

Jen Lalchan, proprietor of the newly inaugurated MUDRA Yoga and Fitness Studio, Pokhara, shares the same viewpoint: she says that the first step to a healthier 2018 is to “love yourself enough to give yourself the care you need in mind, body and spirit”. Her advice? “Having strength and stamina—of both the body and the mind—is extremely essential. And when we make positive, healthy choices, they help in both changing our lives and inspiring those we love, around us’.

Find what works

Usually find yourself looking up on the latest fitness trend to try during your next sweat session? That is a really good habit since mixing things up and doing different regimens helps in weight loss. However, one resolution you should make is to not join any class just because everyone else is doing it. As Priti Rai Shrestha, one of Kathmandu’s first piloxing instructors, says, “I advise my clients to not run after some fitness fad or focus merely on numbers or the weight scale. Run if you have to, lift if you like, dance if you must, meditate if that’s your thing and let loose sometimes if it makes you happy!”

She adds that there really is no “one right” way to exercise and that the best thing is to stick to the workouts you enjoy the most, so that you can stick to them while making consistent and measurable progress. Now, isn’t that the goal?

Mental health

With more celebrities speaking up about mental health, the year gone by saw greater awareness regarding the importance of mental health, as after all, being healthy should not just be about your physical being. One sure way to improve your mental health? “Stay positive, and naturally, the positive vibes that you radiate will result in amazing things,” says Menoo Rai, owner of Bliss Fitness and Zumba instructor. Additionally, being disciplined helps, and as you gradually attain your fitness goals, a boosted self-esteem will surely enhance your mental health.

Apart from doing things that you enjoy, another foolproof way to remain positive is by exercising. Any #fitbody would know that a good workout session will definitely make you feel good and happier.

Make smart goals

If you have to make a resolution, then how about making one associated with attaining your goals? Most clients I know expect changes to happen instantly, and they tend to set unrealistic goals: doing so will eventually make you lose morale. Instead, Angshu Gurung, group aerobics and Zumba instructor, recommends that your fitness goals should be specific, measurable, timely (how much you want to lose/gain in how much time), achievable (know your strengths and limitations) and relevant. Knowing that what you are aiming for is attainable will aid you in becoming self-motivated to getting you off your butt, especially during this colder season.

Nutrition is key

Let’s not forget that it is not just about reducing the amount of ‘bad calories’ but also about making efforts to include foods that are good for us and to not overcompensate when we exercise. “I have clients who cut down on unhealthy fats and added sugars, but they overlook the equal importance of consuming foods that are rich in fibre and minerals like calcium and magnesium,” says MMA enthusiast Tenzing Sherpa. “You should take note of what you eat, and seek help from experts if you are unsure about what kind of diet you should follow.”

Do something: it’s better than doing nothing

Owing to our professional and personal commitments, we often can’t commit to a rigorous exercise regimen. But remember: doing something is better than doing nothing. Research has shown that just 30 minutes of physical exercise, at least three times a week, is all it takes. Unable to dedicate a long session? No problem! Break it down and do bouts of 10-minute exercises throughout the day, whenever you can.