Coat afresh: longer, leaner and overall radder

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08 Jan 2018
3 min read
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Our fashion expert talks about how wearing the right size is the difference between acing the look versus getting swallowed alive

Mixing luxury with premium, performance and perfection, when it comes to coats this season, designers as well as fast-fashion labels are seriously turning up the volume and pumping up the proportions until your outerwear, quite literally, feels like it’s a cloak of a superhero. So just remember that the coolest coats, today, are bigger than ever, but that doesn’t mean you need to be hiding in them.

Longer yes, but not at all shapeless

First things first. We wouldn’t be surprised if these new and long overcoats felt alien after you’ve spent years slipping into short, cropped ones. But hey, fit still matters. It sure does. Thus, if the new overcoat you pick today hugs your shoulders but flies away from your body, you’re all set and bound for full sartorial glory.

Wait, does that mean I should go a size up?

Nope. Not at all. Take your normal size and trust designers and fast-fashion mechanics to do the rest. They’re cutting, engineering and manufacturing coats today so that a coat has extra inches in areas that can handle it, say the body, while the coat remains snug in the shoulders, chest and sleeves. Thus, wearing the right size is the difference between acing the look versus getting swallowed alive.

So, how do I wear it?

A million, endless ways. Seriously. But we’ll just have to limit ourselves to 20 for now. So, read on and haul, fellas!

  1. Over a wool suit, with a luxe cashmere tie. Like you’re on your way to a big-ass job interview.
  2. Over a slouchy white tee and some leather pants, like you’re on your way to the club of the hour.
  3. With a crewneck sweater, faded distressed jeans and some slick high tops.
  4. Or that same crewneck, that same pair of jeans and some brogues.

  5. Or those same brogues and a nice dress shirt with a tailored pair of cropped pants.
  6. Off the edge, punk-rock style with a pair of skinny black jeans, your favourite alternative boot and a matching glare.
  7. With your hangover hoodie, slim sweatpants and your go to sneakers.
  8. For a snowball fight--even though it just doesn’t snow in the city: fisherman’s sweater, ski gloves, snow boots.
  9.  At the flashiest event in town: full tuxedo, patent leather shoes.
  10. Buttoned. (Good.)
  11. Only the middle button buttoned. (Better.)
  12. Unbuttoned. (Best!)
  13. Open, with a jean jacket layered inside.
  14. Mostly buttoned, but with room for a turtleneck to peek out.
  15. With tweed pants and work boots.
  16. Instead of a suit jacket.
  17. With a beanie.
  18. Or a signature scarf.
  19. In beige, camel or tan. Whatever you call it.
  20. On your soon-to-be whenever s/he’s cold.

Finally, with the coat being as substantial as it already is, you certainly won’t need a million other layers. Sometimes just a simple tee or sweater is enough.