Read. watch. listen with Adrian Pradhan

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07 Jan 2018
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Adrian Pradhan is a vocalist, composer and songwriter. Pradhan has been a part of the Nepali music scene for more than two decades, and is currently the frontman of the band Adrian & Frendz. In this week’s Read, Watch, Listen segment, the famed singer shares some of the works of art that have inspired him

Quick facts about Pradhan

  • Pradhan’s interest in music got ignited during his school days, at St Augustine’s School, Kalimpong, where he was part of the school choir 
  • His musical journey began when he picked up the mouth organ and the keyboard. He started playing the guitar in 1989, and was eventually drawn to drums in 1995
  • As tribute to one of his music teachers, Chandra Mohan G Singh, Pradhan produced a song titled ‘Sambodhan’, with a friend, Santana Baral 
  • He joined the band 1974 AD in 1994, as a pianist, but eventually went on to become a permanent member of the band as a vocalist, drummer and harmonica player


I recently read Karnali Blues, by Buddhi Sagar. The story revolves around the relationship between a father and son, and through Buddhi Sagar’s seamless writing, we get to see the intricacies of a father-son relationship and the personalities of the two main characters. The book also helped me see how dire the situation is in some of the most underdeveloped areas in Nepal. The best part about the book, however, is that it is realistic, and that is what makes it interesting. I also occasionally indulge in reading poems by Gulzar. His poems satisfy the soul. Another poet who has inspired me through his work is Lekhnath Poudel. In fact, when I was with 1974 AD, we made a remix of his original work ‘Pinjada Ko Suga’.


At the moment, I am hooked on Game of Thrones. I love all the characters in the series, as each character brings something new and different to the show. I also love how all the characters are so relatable and inspiring. In fact, some of the characters have also inspired and taught me how to deal with things in my life


Since I play the drums, I enjoy listening to songs by Nate Smith. Unlike many modern drummers who play too aggressively, Nate Smith’s melodic percussions reflect the essence of every song. His beats are groovy and unique. Another artist whose songs I like is John Mayer. All his songs are just so soulful, and picking one favourite is impossible. I like the way he plays the guitar more than the way he sings. The way he effortlessly plays the guitar is what makes him stand out from other guitarists.