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02 Jan 2018
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Headed to Nawalparasi on a budget, but want a premium establishment to put up at? We recommend Nana Holiday Homes

Nana Holiday Homes is a recent addition to Nawalparasi's nascent resort industry, and the latest addition to the Nana chain of budget hotels. The first Nana hotel was established in Thamel, back in 1992, and since then, Nana has grown into a thriving chain of hotels--based in tourism hotspots such as Pokhara and Sauraha--all of which operate in the spirit of providing guests with the best possible services and facilities at the least possible prices. Nana Holiday Homes--which is Nana Hotels' first premium establishment--is a true embodiment of that spirit.

Located in the Tharu village of Amaltari, Nana Holidays Homes is a six-hour drive from Kathmandu, or an hour-long drive from Bharatpur airport. It's a hidden gem of a place, one that hasn't yet fallen victim to rapid tourism commercialisation and urbanisation. As a result, the village is still a fine specimen of traditional Tharu life, and domestic and international tourists alike have begun resorting to Amaltari for a retreat that actually feels like a retreat.

On reaching the premises of the establishment, you will see a volleyball court, to whose right you will see two rows of elegantly designed chalets (a small cabin or house used by holidaymakers) divided by a street of sorts.

Rooms and halls

There are currently 11 identical chalets on the property. The Tharu-style chalets have been built using bricks, and the outer walls have been plastered with mud. The chalets have thatched roofs made of elephant grass, whose thermal qualities help keep the chalet cool during summer and warm during winter. Upon entering the chalet, you will see a spacious living room with a flat-screen TV and a small kitchen. Two doors on each side of the living room lead to the bedrooms (one room has two beds while the other has one), both of which feature air conditioners, and have surprisingly spacious and well-stocked attached bathrooms. The interiors have been tastefully done; all the furniture have a rustic air to them, and go very well with the barebones interior design; not a thing in the room was without a purpose. It felt like a combination of Terai aesthetics fused with minimalistic interior design. All chalets feature a little terrace, which is accessible using the back door. Nana Holiday Homes also features a huge dining area (with provisions for a buffet meal) and a conference hall.


Nana's promise of delivering quality services at affordable prices is reflected in their kitchen as well. Their menu includes a variety of reasonably priced dishes, but my recommendation is that you go for the Tharu Thali Set, a dish we ended up ordering three times in two days. The dish comes with a mound of rice surrounded by lentils, chicken curry, gundruk, fried rohu fish, salad, golbheda ko achar, and mixed vegetables. It's the perfect source of energy for participating in the many activities the hotel offers--which I will get to in a while--and it's always nice to eat what's eaten locally. I must also mention the fine hospitality displayed by the staff, all of whom were genuinely friendly. As for breakfast, I recommend the Continental Breakfast, which includes toast, hashed potatoes, sausages, an omelette, coffee and pancakes. The items that stuck out particularly were the pancakes--which were incredibly fluffy and just the right amount of sweet--and the hashed potatoes--which had a nice, crisp crust with very well-seasoned mashed potatoes on the inside.  

Nana Holiday Homes also allows guests to enter the kitchen and cook alongside the chef, using local ingredients, which I think speaks volumes about the attention the kitchen pays to hygiene.


Nana Holiday Homes offers a range of activities that guests can participate in. During our stay, we went for a jungle safari deep inside the Chitwan National Park; we were very lucky to have come across an antelope trio, two peacocks, a wild boar, and a rhino. We also went for what's referred to by Nana as a 'sundowner', wherein guests cycle till the beach-like bank of the Narayani River (which, by the way, is a five-minute drive away from Nana) and watch the sun sink down the horizon while sipping on some tea. In the evening, the resort arranged for us a Tharu culture programme--which featured locals performing traditional Tharu dances and singing Tharu songs--and a bonfire. There's also a museum in Amaltari, inside which are miniature and lifesize tools used by the Tharu people for agriculture and in daily life. Other activities that the resort offers include a day trip to Lumbini, jungle walks, elephant safaris, and fishing.

So whether you're headed to Nawalparasi for a family trip, or are looking for an affordable establishment for a corporate retreat, Nana Holiday Homes has you covered. With the premium and affordable services they offer--not to mention their idyllic location in Amaltari village, on the rim of the Chitwan National Park--Nana Holiday Homes is Nawalparasi's best-kept secret.


Rooms start from Rs 2,000.
Resort packages start from
Rs 6,800 for Nepalis.
For booking or more information, call 977-1- 4443701, or visit