The colour call

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17 Dec 2017
3 min read
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Our fashion expert talks about how winter are all about high-octane, high-definition colours, bold textures and the finest of details

Just because it’s cold, dark and dull out there this freezy time of the year doesn’t mean y’all have to blend or fit in, fellas. After all, the warmly warmers this winter are all about high-octane, high-definition colours, bold textures, the finest of details and how you decide to rock or haul them.

Heavy-metal duty

Look no further if you’re all about looking forward this fall. A frosty silver sheen or that metallic grey will undoubtedly fast forward your look into the future. But just don’t go all full reflective, though; we’re not attempting to wave down ET here. Instead, save those reflective bits for the details and accessories.

Ultra mellow yellow

Over on the opposite end of the spectrum, it’s that custardy shade of yellow that will have all your admirers screaming, “Gimme some sugar, Honey!” So go for pieces with that sensual appeal, like a satin bomber, knitwear or even that glossy-textured leather.

The emerald city

Likewise, deep jewel tones such as green are a great way to go bold on colour without looking inexpensive. And it’s here that glossy accents, like nylon or patent details, will give you a good little bling without being kitsch.

Seeing all red

Finally, it’s the darker tones of red that will give your performance getup a racier edge, particularly when combined with black-and-white details. Just remember to play with the hue in an assortment of varying shades.

The monochromatic mission

If there’s something familiar about a man in all green, all khaki, all blue or all black, it’s because servicemen have been doing it forever. So if you’re trying the whole tonal thing for the first time in your life, just pick a big, bold colour and wear the hell out of it. Literally. The only thing you’ll need to pull it off is confidence coupled with a sensible sense of commitment.