Chill Companion: Red Eye

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15 Dec 2017
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In this week's Chill Companion, Krishna Paudel concocts a rejuvenating drink called Red Eye

Krishna Paudel has been tending bars for six years now, and he’s been working as a bar manager at The Hut for the past three months. His passion for bartending stemmed solely from curiosity. Ten years ago, he flew to Japan to pursue a bachelor’s degree in IT, but found himself more drawn towards the art of bartending at an Izakaya (a Japanese gastropub). He picked up his bartending chops on the job and says that there’s much more to this profession than one might suppose. 

Paudel’s take on bartending 

For Paudel, the key to running a top-notch bar is to first develop excellent communication skills. He believes that catering to the guests’ needs with utmost respect and professionalism is the essence of bartending, and maintaining the hygiene of the bar should be a bartender’s primary concern. At times, it is also a test of patience, says Paudel. “A bartender’s work also constitutes, say, providing a listening ear to a guest who’s whining about his or her bad day, or calming that one regular customer from having a breakdown,” he says. He believes that being empathetic and approaching people and situations with honesty and from a place of compassion is what really holds it all together. Bartending is undeniably physically taxing—but it’s also because of this aspect of bartending that Paudel finds his work all the more fulfilling. Paudel believes that bars should have their own unique atmosphere; they should invite and tempt. “Inventing new drinks and improving customer service is paramount for longevity in this line of work,” he says.  

Paudel’s mixology philosophy

Paudel recognises that presentation is of utmost importance. Concocting an exquisite drink definitely captivates the eyes, but keeping the bar spotless is of equal importance, if not more. And displaying beer bottles and glasses in the best manner possible enlivens the bar’s atmosphere, which he believes plays a pivotal role in attracting customers.

Paudel’s mixology chops

For this week’s Chill Companion segment, Paudel prepared a rejuvenating drink called Red Eye. For those of you who’ve watched the Tom Cruise movie Cocktail, you’ll be familiar with this drink. Since it’s a pick-me-up/morning-after drink, there’s little importance paid to the garnish, which is why the drink is actually quite easy to make. It is also a popular hangover cure, and although there’s originally supposed to be eggs in the mix, Paudel didn’t add them in the one he made for us, since it’s uncommon for most people to eat raw eggs here. The drink primarily consists of vodka and beer, and the tomato juice lends a savoury flavour and some thickness to the drink.