The strongest contenders

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03 Dec 2017
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When betting on getting yourself a brand new suit for this brand new season, place your faith in the season’s worthiest sartorial challengers and make sure you go with the ultimate winner

The three-piece suitLike a suit of armour, the three-piece fortifies a man’s build, conveying a sense of strength and nobility. It also complements his shape superbly, cinching the waist ever so slightly and offering a somewhat imposing silhouette. Often in black or navy and worn with a white shirt, the three-piece is the ultimate power suit. And when choosing a tie, balance out the strength of the suit with something softer, like a velvet tie.

The dinner jacket
Any man serious about suiting will want to invest in a piece that will suit all occasions, both day and night. And it’s here that black-tie affairs require either a tuxedo or a dinner jacket worn with a black suit or smoking trousers. In any case, you’ll want something that elevates you without your completely disregarding tradition. Thus, the dinner jacket, here, is a sensible option. Just make sure to choose one in a conservative hue like black, but add a sequin, satin or a recurring motif detail to give it a wow factor without its being too trendy. Remember you’d want something timeless at the end of the day.

The big, bold shirtContrary to popular belief, it is actually possible to convey power in a suit without having to wear a tie. And this solely depends on your shirt. As a rule, when wearing a shirt with an open jacket and the collar unbuttoned, you will need another accessory, say, like a power belt to add a graphic element of strength to the look. As far as the shirt goes, pick a bold, clean or graphic design. Contrast buttons can do the trick, as will a robust button stand or even a concealed one.

The waistcoatAlthough we understand the three-piece to be a domineering style, consider that it can be broken up and worn as a waistcoat-and-trouser combination. While it is considerably less decorous than a full three-piece, it is still formal and makes for a respectable wardrobe option for young office-going men. Elsewhere, it is also a great option for accentuating your physical assets, which, whether we like to admit it or not, plays an essential role in the psychology of the competitive work environment.

The driving coatIn the case of a plain black suit or tuxedo, a man can run the risk of looking quite ordinary or, if not done correctly, like a waiter. Again, this is where texture can play a significant role. Consider breaking up the separates to give yourself more pairing options. A driving coat is an incredibly strong piece that can be worn instead of a suit jacket. It’s formal, but more dramatic. And when it has a texture resembling the hide of a horse, it speaks of equine strength.

Micro print
Prints evoke energy and movement, but can be overwhelming when oversized or used in large doses. Therein lies the beauty of the micro print. While a dark charcoal suit is incredibly elegant, it could read quite flat in certain lighting. A subtle pinstripe motif, for example, lifts the garment. And when paired with a micro-print shirt and tie, the whole look becomes robust.

The timeless watch
Finally, no style of watch is as essential or more collectible than a simple, black-strapped analogue. It goes with most, if not all suited looks, making it versatile and everlasting. It is bold without being flashy, which is particularly useful in a work environment where you want to convey strength without arrogance. And for aspiring collectors, entry-level and investment pieces include a number of brands and styles.